Natural cosmetics and more: cool beauty gifts for the New Year

If you are looking for a gift for a person who is far from sport and a healthy lifestyle, but you still need to give something, natural cosmetics will be almost an ideal option - and our cosmetics, Russian. Everyone wants to look cool - at least thanks to a magic jar.

Natural cosmetics and more: cool beauty gifts for the New Year

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We all know how cold wind and frost affect the delicate skin of the lips - it crackes, wears, blushes, and in the end we experience a bunch discomfort.

Therefore, lip balm will be an excellent New Year's gift - it will not be removed to the closet, it will certainly be used throughout the winter. If the recipient of the gift is not a strict vegan, we advise you to choose balms that contain beeswax - it perfectly moisturizes your lips and protects against external negative influences - or shea butter.

Laboratorium lip balm - 250 rubles.

Lip gloss-lip balm "Mi. Am28; Ko" - 280 rubles.

Weleda lip balm - 380 rubles.

Mixit lip balm - 295 rubles.

Pure Love Lip Balm - 590 rubles.

Natural cosmetics and more: cool beauty gifts for the New Year

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If you think that the freezing air and wind do not affect the skin of the arms, legs and other parts of the body due to the fact that they are under clothes, you are mistaken.

Mittens, warm sweaters, tights, dry air in apartments - all this affects the skin condition is not the best way, there is a feeling of dryness and tightness. Creams and body oils will be an excellent gift for everyone who carefully cares for their skin and loves to smear something after a shower. In addition, this is a universal gift. You can also give a scrub and / or a caring mask if the girl likes to do spa treatments without leaving home.

Sugar body scrub Laborotorium - 500 rubles.

Cold anti-cellulite wrap Mixit - 945 rubles.

Body butter-cream "Mi. Am69; Co." - 360 rubles.

Delicate body milk Weleda - 1,190 rubles.

Weleda nourishing hand cream - 600 rubles.

Mixit bath foam - 245 rubles.



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