Narrow Grip Pulls - Biceps and Back Training

Narrow Grip Pulls - Biceps and Back Training

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Another variation of the usual pull-ups on the horizontal bar is pull-ups with a narrow grip.

This is also a basic exercise, but it is used not only for intensive back training, but also for the development of biceps. Let us consider below how a narrow grip changes the load on the muscles, in comparison with the classical pull-up, we will analyze the technique of the exercise and the options for setting the hands.

Muscle work

This exercise is sometimes called "narrow pull-ups." It is easy to guess that its key feature is the narrow arrangement of brushes on the crossbar. Thus, as a result, the emphasis of the load is shifted from the back to the muscles of the hands.

Exercise can be performed forward, reverse and parallel grip.

Let’s figure out which muscles work primarily when performing:

  • biceps (biceps muscle of the shoulder);
  • brachial muscles (located a little deeper than the biceps, also called "brachialis");
  • latissimus;
  • large circular muscle.

Reverse grip is practiced more often, as it gives an excellent load on the biceps. This option can be included on the day when you train the biceps, using as a base, or to finish the biceps, performing the exercise without weights and with the maximum possible number of repetitions.

Pull-ups with a narrow straight grip allow you to distribute part of the load with the biceps to the brachial muscle (brachialis).

With a parallel grip, the latissimus muscles (their lower region) work.

But if your primary goal is the broadest, then it is better to use pull-ups with a wide grip.

Technique for doing the exercise

Starting position - hanging on the horizontal bar with a narrow back grip (consider this option as a more common one):

  1. Hands are straight, the distance between the hands is 20-30 centimeters (less than the width of the shoulders). We hang on the horizontal bar, we feel the stretching of the back, we take a deep breath.
  2. Controlled by the effort of the target muscles, tighten, exhaling.

    At the upper point, the crossbar should be approximately at the level of the chin (since it is unlikely to reach the upper part of the chest with such a grip), the latissimus muscles are reduced.

  3. Slowly and smoothly while inhaling, return to the starting position. Do the right number of reps.

Narrow Grip Pulls - Biceps and Back Training

By the number of sets and repetitions, you can focus on two or three sets of 7 -12 repetitions (without additional burden).

During the exercise, do not swing on the horizontal bar, so as not to reduce the effectiveness.

Also try to fix your elbows in one position.

Useful recommendations

Finally, let's talk about important nuances that will allow you to squeeze the maximum out of an exercise, make it more effective and improve the development of target muscles. What points should be considered:

  1. Exercise is directed more at the hands. For back training, use a wide grip, since the latissimus muscles responsible for the powerful back work more precisely in this version.
  2. If you have good experience and sufficient preparation, try using the additional weights attached to the belt.

  3. Exercising biceps makes sense when using the reverse grip. In other cases, try to exclude hands as much as possible.
  4. If you recently started training on the horizontal bar, and it’s problematic to perform the full range of motion for you, ask your partner to help you. At first he will be able to hold you by the legs, pushing you to the bar.

It is worth noting that, before choosing any variations and complications, it is first worthwhile to master the pull-up technique on the horizontal bar in the classic version.

Then, when you get experience and minimal preparation, go to the experiments and select exercises that will meet the goals of your training.

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Narrow Grip Pulls - Biceps and Back Training

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team.




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