Myth: You cannot eat at night.

Actually. From food at a late time of the day it is impossible to get fat. As it is impossible to recover from a particular product. It is important for the body to receive a certain amount of calories per day in order to replenish energy costs, vitamins, micro and macro elements. It doesn’t matter what time of day you eat.

If you fit into your calorie intake rate (and each has an individual one), then you have no chance to get better. Weight increases only in the case of regular overeating, when more calories enter the body than it needs for life. It does not matter time, but the quantity and quality of food is important.

Over the years, the body has developed its own rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. At night, all processes, including digestion, slow down.

Therefore, it is better not to eat heavy food right before bedtime: burgers, fast food, pizza. This can affect the quality of sleep and, accordingly, how rested you get up in the morning. Choose something easy - there are a lot of options.



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