Myth: the more you train, the better.

As actually . Our muscles develop, and athletic performance improves during recovery hours. If you train too much and do not let the body rest over and over again, you can go into a state of


. Usually, overtraining happens in professional athletes, nevertheless, an amateur is not safe from this, if it is too to overzealous . Due to overtraining, the body begins to respond inadequately to training.

Overtrained athletes develop symptoms such as fatigue, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration, bradycardia, hypertension, muscle soreness and others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed general guidelines on optimal workouts. So, adults should spend at least 150 minutes a week on physical activity. This is enough if you are not chasing sports results, but doing it for yourself. However, the total training time depends on your goals.

Trainers advise to maintain health and fitness to train two to three times a week, and between workouts take breaks for at least 24 hours ( sometimes it may take 48-96 hours to recover).

Know the measure and give yourself time to make up for it. The most important thing in recovery is a healthy sleep. Massage, hiking, stretching, salt baths will also help to recover. For more information about recovery, read in this article .



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