Myth: the more muscle, the stronger the person.

Human muscles are composed of fibers. And the greater the volume of each individual muscle fiber inside the muscle,

the more

it produces energy. However, if the absolute strength of muscle fibers (the ultimate, maximum effort that an athlete can develop in a dynamic or static mode. - Approx. Ed.

) grows along with an increase in fiber size, then the relative strength (the amount of force per kilogram of athlete’s weight .-- Approx.ed. ), on the contrary,



Another important indicator is the specific gravity.

This is an indicator of the strength of muscle fibers relative to their volume. Scientists have found that the specific muscle fiber strength of professional bodybuilders is 62% lower than that of professional powerlifters. That is, with the same muscle volume, the average powerlifter is 62% stronger than the muscles of the average bodybuilder.

Moreover, the study showed that (based on a square centimeter of thickness) the muscles of bodybuilders are weaker than those who did not train at all. Moreover, in general, bodybuilders are stronger due to the total muscle volume.



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