Myth: Press Cubes Appear Through Exercise

Still think that the cubes of the press appear from the ups of the case? Alas, this is not so. We deal with one of the most popular training myths.

As a matter of fact. The press is the conditional name of the abdominal muscles (also called abdominal muscles). The very cubes are the rectus abdominis muscle, which is divided into "sectors" by the tendons.

In addition to the rectus muscle, there is also an internal oblique, external oblique and transverse muscles.

Each person initially has press cubes. That is, they do not appear due to the rise of the hull. Untrained abdominal muscles are small and in most are hidden by adipose subcutaneous tissue. According to the American Council for Exercise (ACE), the body becomes athletic with visible abs cubes when the body has only 6–13% fat in men and 14–20% in women.

To strengthen the abdominal muscles, you need to regularly perform simple exercises: various types of twisting, "bicycle", trims. Exercise makes the abdominal muscles stronger and more voluminous, but the relief appears only with a low percentage of body fat.

Myth: Press Cubes Appear Through Exercise

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Cubes do not appear from endless ups of the hull. Adipose tissue does not go locally, so it’s pointless to “pump the press” to get rid of belly fat.

Instead, you should adjust your diet and add physical activity . It is better to reduce the amount of fat in the body under the supervision of a doctor and trainer. Fat plays an important role in the metabolic processes of the body, so attempts to "dry out" without the control of specialists may end badly.

The abdominal muscles can be strong even if you do not see the dice. Strong abdominal muscles support internal organs, make posture smoother and unload back muscles.

A strong press is needed for runners and cyclists to keep the body in the right position during long workouts. So if you do not want to have a bump, doing abdominal exercises is still useful.



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