Myth: Interval fasting is the best way to permanently lose weight.

Nutritionists warn: fasting has quite a few limitations and side effects. And we constantly talk about them: firstly, the probability that after going out of fasting the lost kilograms will return, is huge, secondly, most likely you will lose not muscle but muscle mass, and, finally, refusing the body to eat, you refuse him nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Fortunately, now when it comes to weight control, people are increasingly talking not about diets, "harmful" foods and various principles of nutrition, but about the habits associated with it. It is important not only what a person eats, but also how he does it - his relationship with food. So, last week in Canada an official guide to nutrition was published, in which for the first time (among such documents) attention is paid not only to the diet itself and products, but also to the formation of healthy eating behavior.



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