Myth: Ice helps recover from injuries.

How to speed up the recovery process? To improve blood circulation, you need to move, and if you sit still, covered with ice packs, you achieve the exact opposite effect. It might seem that to load a dislocated ankle is a bad idea, but as a result of the


, scientists found that a moderate load on the damaged area accelerates healing of muscle and bone tissue, while inaction, on the contrary, slows down the regeneration process.

It’s quite easy to move if the cause of your suffering is ordinary krepatura (muscle pain that occurs after training. - Approx. Ed.

). But what if you have a serious injury? First of all, you need to contact a specialist. He will tell you how to recover better and recommend exercises that you can perform.

In 2011, Canadian physiologist John Paul Catanzaro invented the abbreviation METH - Movement, Elevat29on, Traction, Heat (movement, lifting, stretching, heat) - as an alternative to RICE. In 2019, two British physiotherapists on the pages of the British Journal of Sports Medicine proposed this option : PEACE - Protect, Elevate, Avoid anti -inflammatory modalities, Compress, Educate (protection, recovery, exclusion of mechanisms for removing inflammation, compression, knowledge) -.

amp; LOVE: Load, Optimism, Vascularization, Exercise (load, positive attitude, vascularization - improving blood supply to body tissues, exercises). All in order for you to choose movement as an alternative to suppressing inflammation with ice.



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