Myth: grapefruit burns fat and helps to lose weight.

As actually . Grapefruit is

a good source of

vitamin C, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, fiber and pectin, so this fruit

can be part of

healthy balanced diet. Proper nutrition really helps to normalize weight. However, the chance that grapefruit will help to lose weight is

very small


The first serious scientific work devoted to grapefruit as a means for weight loss appeared in 2006.

Scientists over 12 weeks observed a group of 96 overweight people. In this experiment, people who ate half of fresh grapefruit three times a day lost 1.6 kg, and people who were offered apple juice instead of grapefruit lost only 0.3 kg.

In 2012, scientists

decided to check

, is it true that people lose weight precisely by adding grapefruits to the diet, and not because of other products.

Researchers gathered a group of 85 overweight people and asked everyone to exclude fruits and vegetables from the diet that contain the same substances as grapefruit: citrus fruits, berries, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

So that the starting conditions for all study participants were the same, they were offered three weeks to adhere to a diet and not to consume these products. Then the group was divided into two parts. In the diet of half of the participants, nothing has changed, and the second half began to receive half a grapefruit three times a day. Since a diet deprived of fruits and vegetables cannot be called healthy, they decided to limit the study to six weeks.

When the experiment was completed, it turned out that the diet with the addition of grapefruit did not affect the weight of the participants in the experiment, their blood pressure and lipid content in blood tests. But people who ate grapefruits had lower blood cholesterol and harmful low-density lipoproteins, which caused cholesterol plaques in the vessels.



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