Myth: Do not skate with flat feet.

Skaters perform tricks of unimaginable complexity, bounce and land on ice on skates that do not have depreciation. There is an opinion that it is impossible to engage in figure skating with flat feet. The Challenger argues that this is not so.

According to studies,

about 26% of people suffer from flat feet

. Flat feet - deformation of the foot, which is characterized by the omission of its longitudinal and transverse arches.

Flat feet can be congenital or acquired (deformation of the foot occurs due to the characteristics of the physical activity of the person and the shoes that he wears).

The main causes of acquired flat feet:

  1. Insufficient load on the legs, which may be associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Too much strain on the legs that occurs due to excess weight, uncomfortable shoes and high heels.
  3. Injuries.

Due to flat feet, the shock-absorbing functions of the feet are reduced, you should exercise with caution and remember to follow some rules.

If flat feet are accompanied by blockage of the foot, perform jumps and sheepskin coats

not recommended


Myth: Do not skate with flat feet.

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Ride skating with flat feet is possible.

But at the same time it is important:

  • to do strengthening exercises for the feet, such as walking on toes, on the heels, on the outside and inside of the foot, to roll a tennis ball on the floor or special massage balls;
  • pump over the calf muscles;
  • be sure to correct the imbalance, if any, with orthopedic insoles;
  • be attentive to your body, do not give excessive load;
  • if something is sick, do not wait a few months, but immediately contact a specialist - it is much easier to fix the problem in the early stages.


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