Myth: allergens accumulate in the body.

As a matter of fact. Allergy is a protective reaction of the immune system: it identifies some substances in contact with the body as harmful and potentially dangerous (they are called allergens ) and tries to get rid of them by all means. That is why there is a cough, itching, lacrimation.

Allergens do not accumulate in the body. According to the words of the allergist-immunologist Umar Khasanov, "there is no pocket where allergens could accumulate.

" This myth, as the doctor says, arose because, for example, when overeating a product, allergic reactions occur and they are confused with allergy attacks. "A dose-dependent effect is characteristic of these reactions: for example, if a child eats a small piece of chocolate, everything is in order, and if the bar - atopic dermatitis may intensify or other manifestations are possible." That is why, the doctor emphasizes, it is absolutely pointless to take sorbents for allergies.

This myth may also be associated with some allergy features. For example, with the fact that it can manifest itself anytime and anytime.

It can occur both in childhood and in adulthood. Predicting the “response” of the body is quite difficult: even if a person always has the same reaction to a product, at some point it may very well change.

If you suspect an allergy, you need to contact a good doctor, who will prescribe studies and, if necessary, competent therapy. To date, ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy) is the only treatment method that affects the very cause of the disease, and after stopping therapy, the symptoms of the disease do not resume. In the process of ASIT, complex reactions are carried out in the body's immune system, as a result of which the immune response is switched from allergic to normal.

The effectiveness of the method - is about 80%.



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