Music for a romantic evening: playlist from Soprano

Bad music can ruin everything, and correctly chosen music can create a unique atmosphere of the evening. The soloist of the art group


Turetsky Ekaterina Murashko has compiled a play list for those who want to spend a romantic evening together.

Ekaterina Murashko

soloist of the art group So30rano Turetsky

- When you are in a relationship, February 14 becomes a really important day: you can once again show your partner how strong your love is. But still, I believe that you need to show your feelings regardless of a certain date, it is most pleasant to surprise a partner when he does not expect this at all.

The best gift for the one you love is time.

Due to the busy tour schedule, I do not always have the opportunity to be with a partner. I like to be near a person, hug him ... For happiness, nothing more is needed.



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