Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

We often promise ourselves to change everything - quit smoking, start openly expressing our opinions to the authorities, change jobs, and go on a trip. Sometimes, however, these decisions are made for us. Below you will find stories of people who were fired, but their life after that turned out to be better than before.

Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

Anna Zeybel-Ostapchuk

- In 2005, when I was still at MGIMO at the Faculty of Economics, I came to work for the company from the Big Four. And work in such a company assumes that you live in an office.

I left work half the first night, and everyone was pleased with me. But then the situation changed - I began to leave at exactly six. No one cared that when I got home I continued to work. No, since no one saw me in the office, it means that I was allegedly lazy. Actually, because of this, they fired me.

Easy and easy, without indentation and warnings. Now I understand that in many ways it was illegal, but then, of course, I just sobbed. I was an excellent student, had scholarships from various foundations and could not think that they could fire me.

At that time, MGIMO began to introduce the Bologna system, according to which good grades were possible only with good attendance. That is, do what you want, but your body must physically be in a lecture.

Teachers came up to me already then and said: "If you work, then take the" academician "and work, and if you want to study, go and study." So the dismissal, no matter how unexpected it was, helped me in my studies. In addition, just a month and a half later, I was offered another job. The World Bank at that time began a joint project with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on VAT reform. They saw my resume and were invited to work.

At the interview they said that you can work from home, the payment is hourly. That is, I worked at a time convenient for me, in a place convenient for me, wonderfully combining this business with study. Plus and paid for it wonderful. Not a job, but a dream! Even the team was fine, the bosses were good - it’s only a pity that the project did not last very long.

In general, the main thing is to clearly understand what you want, and then everything will turn out.

Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

Maria Volkova

- In 2011, my sister and I worked for a large energy company, I was an engineer, and my sister was the head of the operation department . At some point, an active phase of mergers and acquisitions began, and management gave instructions to reduce a few people from each department. And grandmothers who worked for us were completely indignant: how is it that they have worked for so many years, and they will be reduced. I was sincerely sorry for them, I really understood that I am 25 years old and, in fact, I have a whole life ahead of me, and who will take them to work is a question. In general, I voluntarily proposed my candidacy for reduction.

After some time, my sister did the same thing - she was just hellishly tired of the mess that started to happen, because due to the threat of reduction, the company turned into a viper, everyone began to knock on each other, to sit around. She could not stand it and also offered her candidacy.

And you know what? There has never been a better situation in our life. Firstly, then some collective agreement was in effect, according to which we were paid six salaries each. And it was in May, so my sister and I gorgeous walked all summer, without even thinking about looking for work.

Secondly, in the autumn my sister was called back to the same company - only to another branch, where the team is better, the position is higher and the salary is greater (about 30%). We still remember how “grandmothers” were upset then - they could spend the whole summer at the dacha with six salaries, but were afraid. And I radically changed the field of activity and went to the advertising agency as a sales manager. And my salary was twice as high. Then I changed my activity again and went to work in a network of boutiques for expectant mothers.

Now I am already managing the network, as well as a mother of three children. I did not regret leaving for a minute.

- I have two stories with an unexpected dismissal , and both follow each other. I worked in the hotel industry for a long time, and for the first time I was fired from a small hotel. There, of course, I myself was to blame, but I still did not expect dismissal.

For that hotel I was a real star - I studied in London, was a super specialist, my qualifications far exceeded the requirements of that hotel. In addition, I was very friendly with both the management and the owners of the hotel, so the dismissal was for me, quite frankly, a surprise. I didn’t work for a month, I came to my senses. But from there I was called to one of the best hotels in Moscow, where I became successful, earned a lot of money and was absolutely happy. But then just happened the second story with the dismissal.

The hotel changed its management, changed its course of development - the entire previous team, including me, was asked to leave. This dismissal was unexpected, but at the same time quite friendly - I left with a "golden parachute", which in the future allowed me not to work for three months, but to look for something I liked. However, whatever the compensation, it still does not eliminate the feeling of devastation.

Then I was called to the largest concierge company in Russia. I was hunted for a long time, but I did not agree, because the position was significantly lower - instead of the director, I was called for an assistant.

But in the end, my then leader, and now a close friend, so infected me with the very idea of ​​working in this area that I agreed and now I have no regrets. I grew quickly - first to the director of the sales department, and then to the director of the corporate department. The concierge area is much wider, it gives more perspectives. I have already seen the world and made friends at various levels, and in principle I understand that here the field for activity is much wider, which means there is more interest.

Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

Alyona Vlasova

- All my life I worked in the banking sector.

In the last bank for nine years I was the head of the department of advertising and PR. I liked everything - sane leadership, a great team, work. And then it was like snow on his head - the license was revoked from the bank. I fell into a terrible depression and did not understand how to live on. I didn’t want to go to another bank, because I understood: such a spiritual atmosphere can not be anywhere else.

I recovered about six months, of course, my husband very much supported me. He was also really shocked by my condition. I then decided to go to design school. My husband supported me in this - not so much because he believed in my future in this area, but because he wanted to distract me with something.

I actually wanted to do something for a long time, but I didn’t have any money, then I didn’t have time — after all, it’s full-time education and lasts about a year.

Well, here it seems like the opportunity turned up. By that time, I had already made repairs to myself and some friends and decided that here it was, my chance. Earlier I went to drawing courses, and the teacher told me that I had talent. Then I doubted, I told her: Come on, interior designers - like dirt, who generally need me . But she answered me: "Truly talented specialists there will always be a place in the sun.

" All this prompted me to study at the school "Details".

To say now that I am happy with the choice made, to say nothing. This is really mine. Even my skeptical husband, when he saw that professors of MARCHI shook my hand to defend my diploma (red, by the way), I realized that I was not just distracted. Now I have many projects - sometimes I lead four projects at different stages simultaneously.

One of my projects was in Salon magazine.

Maybe it’s bad to say that, but in fact I'm glad that a license was taken from our bank. After all, I would not have left then and tried my hand at design. And now I earn no less than then, but at the same time I have a free schedule and do more creative work, which brings me incredible satisfaction.

- My whole professional life is connected with banking sphere, which, as you can see from the news, has undergone tremendous changes in recent years.

In October 2017, it was the tenth year that I worked at a foreign company and worked on bonds. The year was beneficial, I was looking forward to the New Year holidays, New Year bonuses, but it was then that they cut me down. Uncertainty in the banking sector grew, sanctions, pressure from the United States - the company decided to seriously reduce its activity with Russian bonds.

I saw what was happening to my friends who were in the same position, and was completely depressed. I realized that in December no one was looking for new employees, in January they were still resting, so I, in fact, had a month and a half to look for work.

And then in a good situation. Many friends looked for a new job for nine months, a year, some for two. The banking sector declined sharply and continued to decline, there were many excellent specialists on the market, many younger than me, better than me, more experienced than me. Morally, I was getting ready to go for interviews once a month and sit for a long time without work.

But here I was lucky - I just got into the so-called windows of employers and went to interviews two to three times a week.

My name was both Russian companies and foreign ones. Foreign companies traditionally have better conditions, so I was sure that the competition was higher there. But I was really lucky, and on February 14, no matter how funny it may sound, I went to a new job. I went to a Russian company for my own salary, which in the current situation is simply gorgeous. I have a worse social package, but at the same time, the previous employer turned out to be super decent - I and my whole family (and these three children) kept health insurance for the year ahead, paid the required compensation for six salaries, as well as earned New Year bonuses.

And if we recall really unique stories with luck and dismissal, then we had one employee in our company who was long and hard hunted out of JP Morgan Chase bank. And then he was finally hunted down (while paying a welcome bonus in the amount of an annual salary). He went to work at nine in the morning, and at 11:30 it became known about the fall of Lehman Brothers Bank, a global reduction in shares. This employee was reduced by paying him compensation in the amount of six to twelve salaries. So fruitfully he spent 2.

5 hours at a new job. After that, he went to Australia for three months to learn how to ride a surf.

Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

Katerina Furman

- For eleven and a half years I worked in a large FMCG company, and I liked everything. But at a certain stage, the career began to stop, and the classic question arose - a chicken or an egg? Either I didn’t like the work itself, or it didn’t suit my career development. And I began to think what could be the matter.

Since it was a large international company, the entire career path in it was clearly defined. I began to think about changing my function within the company. At the same time, my boss terribly annoyed me, and I thought that maybe all my discontent was connected with him. I could not understand the real problem for a couple of years - I turned to different coaches, psychologists, until I got to the hypnotherapist. And then suddenly all my problems were resolved at once.

He showed me that in fact I have a conflict with exactly the type of work that I did. And here an important point - my education is psychological. And these two factors - education and such a successful trip to a hypnotherapist - led to the thought: should I do the same? I learned in one place, in another, received a certificate and opened my practice. And all this time I didn’t leave my main job - nevertheless, I had a very decent salary, high position, status, corporate machine, stocks.

It turned out that in parallel I had two jobs, a husband and a child.

I began to stress from constant fatigue, and in addition, a serious conflict of values. Well, imagine: during the day I sold alcohol (and you can say as much as you like that our company was super responsible and conscious, but we still came up with options under the law how to stimulate people to buy more alcohol), and in the evenings I treated the same people for alcohol addiction. And apparently, this conflict began to affect the quality of my work. My boss called me to talk - they say that you are not trying very hard. Well, since I did not plan to try, I immediately wrote a statement of my own free will.

That is, technically, they didn’t seem to fire me, but, in fact, I brought the situation to this.

And what now? And now, happiness. My income is significantly higher than then. I have a completely different schedule, which I draw up myself. It is clear that I do not sit all day on the couch, that I need to write articles, participate in conferences, and the sessions with clients themselves are different in type and intensity.

But globally, I myself choose with whom I work. There is no “boss fool” situation, because I’m my own boss. But of course, at first it wasn’t so sweet. When I left my main job, I did not yet have a sufficient client base, plus this coincided with the difficulties at work with my husband. For a while we were not sure what the next month would be than paying on a mortgage.

But this stress was operational - not a fundamental conflict of values. I now understand that only after leaving that work, I began to sleep normally. Because now I'm finally in harmony with myself.

Monday is a new life: 7 stories of layoffs, after which life has changed for the better

Julia Kuzmina

- For three years I worked in a company that deals with oil transportation. I had an IT project that I started from scratch, put a lot of energy, time, soul into it.

And here I have a conflict with the CEO. At one point, I become an objectionable employee - and they fire me. I was simply confronted with the fact: next month you don’t go to work, then you will pick up the labor, however, we will pay your bonuses to you. I invested everything in that project - I worked seven days a week, went on long business trips, and sacrificed relations with my husband for the sake of work.

I spent a month at home.

To get rid of depression, I tried to find a new job, slowly went for interviews and spent a lot of time with my husband - he worked at home. But just three weeks later I found a new job in the same oil and gas industry - I am a very qualified employee, and there are always a shortage of such. But two weeks later it turned out that I was pregnant - the time spent at home was very productive. I did not stay very long in the company, together with my husband we decided that during pregnancy I better not fly on business trips, but relax at home. I quit (already voluntarily), and we moved from Moscow to the Moscow region.

And when my son was one and a half years old, acquaintances offered a job - in my specialty. But on completely different conditions - I go to the office only two days a week, and the rest of the time I work at home. I have a smart boss with whom there are no conflicts or misunderstandings. More than a year has now passed, and I understand that everything turned out just perfect - we are raising a child in the country, as we always wanted, I have an interesting job, a convenient schedule that allows you to devote time to the family. What more could you want?



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