Mikhail Kitaev: “Every person is unique and omnipotent”

- I went in for sports from the age of 7, I tried taekwondo, athletics, soccer, volleyball. In 2007, I found a video on the Internet: the guys did tricks - racks, upheavals, pull-ups - on horizontal bars and other shells for workout. I was curious, I began to search the Web for information on how to perform these tricks. I went out and tried. I was hooked by the idea of ​​freedom and accessibility of the workout: apart from the right clothes and desire, nothing more is needed for this sport.

You can do it wherever there is a horizontal bar. It is not surprising that gradually in Russia a community of workout groups began to take shape.

My parents did not support me in my efforts to work out. They believed that attention should be paid to what guaranteed to bring money: get a normal job or open a business. They were frightened by the fact that I spend the best years on a frivolous lesson, so they often tried to reason with me.

At first, the workout did not bring me income. Only after three or four years I began to earn thanks to the conduct of competitions and personal training. Over time, my parents realized how much cooing means to me. They especially rejoiced at the first champion titles. Now they are more calm about my victories.

For parents, the main thing is that I'm fine.

I trained to become stronger, improve health, believe in myself.

Workout began with the fact that the athletes helped each other in free training. One taught the second, the second - the third. In recent years, the workout movement has grown enormously: various workout directions, thematic blogs, and media have appeared.

We are not limited only to the street - horizontal bars and bars can be located anywhere where there are necessary conditions. I like to be part of this movement - here I gain valuable experience, make new friends.

Now I train every other day. Along with this, I will organize world championships in power and freestyle workout. Competitions are a chance to show themselves for strong guys, and for beginners - to try their hand at a higher level and be inspired to further development.

With the help of competitions, I take part in the development of my sport - it's so cool! When I have time, I participate in competitions myself. This year freestyle competitions were held in Moscow, and power - in Pskov. Athletes from most developed countries come to the championships, in which their own workout culture is formed. Now workout is still street traffic, not an official sport. There are no uniform rules for all countries yet, there are only principles in accordance with which individual competitions are organized.

The coolest trick is to come to the workout. If a man comes, he can do anything.

In 2012, I was injured during a performance - a complete closed fracture of the upper third of my right shoulder. At that time, I often performed and rested a little. During the next difficult trick, the bones could not stand it.

Only developed muscles saved me from an open fracture. Due to an injury, I dropped out of the training process for a year and a half. The rehabilitation period was difficult, for the first six months it was not even possible to raise an injured arm. Thanks to perseverance and faith in myself, I was able to recover and get back in shape. Now I calmly push myself up, pull myself up and do the rest of the tricks with a load on the hands.

At the end of September this year, I took first place at the Russian Open Streetlifting Championship. He wrung out 19 times on bars with a 48 kg weight and confirmed his title of champion of the country.

Each person is unique and omnipotent. The main thing is the desire to act.

Every participant in the workout movement inspires me.

In workout, you need to be aware of what you are doing, where you are moving, and use all the opportunities that life gives. It is important to train regularly and really crave progress. Doing the same thing over time becomes boring. If you do not constantly try new things, you will not linger in the workout. Here, as in life: if there is no progress, there is a regression.

Sport makes each of us stronger when we put energy, time into it and engage in it with real dedication. Even if you are a beginner and have only mastered a couple of tricks so far, do not stop there. Success takes time, it happens in any business. I felt on myself that the desire to become better and the energy invested in progress invariably lead to victory.



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