Meditation: why do you need to do it and what are its benefits

This ancient occupation - meditation - is positioned in the modern world as a way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve attention and even reduce aggressiveness and negative emotions. Further - more about all this.

Daxer Keltner, head of the Berkeley Positive Psychological Program, believes that meditation reinforces the positive and reduces negative emotions, as well as strengthen defense mechanisms. Meditation is one of many tools that are successfully used in companies and even schools to maintain the motivation of employees and students. Feel that the mood is at zero, and the work has stood up? Close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about something pleasant.

Ten minutes of such practice will cheer you up.

Meditation: why do you need to do it and what are its benefits

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The vagus nerve literally connects the heart and brain. Some studies show that people who meditated for 15 minutes once a day had an increased tone of the vagus nerve.

This means a decrease in the level of the stress hormone cortisol. A decrease in the concentration of cortisol in the body while increasing the tonus of the vagus nerve reduces the likelihood of a stroke and heart attack. Recent studies have even proved that the meditation process is able to change part of the telomere DNA that control cell aging.

Regular meditation enhances inspiration and creative impulses. Just try starting your day with a 10-15 minute meditation, and see how your creativity and innovation abilities show themselves.

When you meditate, all your attention is focused and directed inside yourself. But the paradox is that spending enough time alone with yourself, studying your own unknown nature, you at the same time begin to feel and understand other people better.

Meditation: why do you need to do it and what are its benefits

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Long ago It has been observed that meditation balances the psycho-emotional state. Fears, pain and resentment will not be so important and you will easily let them go.

And instead of self-digging and depression, sensitivity and compassion for other people will come. A worthy replacement, right?

When people , experiencing chronic pain due to illness, taught meditation, there was a decrease in the severity of pain and the ability to more easily tolerate the existing one. Meditation actually affects the processes occurring in the brain, and teaches the skill of self-generation of positive emotions.

Meditating people have a more persistent response to stress. The results of brain studies show how its various areas are involved in stressful situations.

Even a few minutes spent in meditation can change the density of gray matter and balance the right and left parts of the brain. This means that when things get out of hand, the brain can cope with stress and find the best way out of this situation much faster. And you will develop the ability to respond optimally in such cases.

Meditation: why do you need to do it and what are its benefits

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Meditation: why do you need to do it and what are its benefits

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