Marquez, Oleinik, Schwei and other cool guys - how GoPro helps them succeed

- For me, the GoPro camera is an auxiliary tool. This camera helps to take such pictures that I would have to spend a lot of money on with a DSLR. For example, you would have to buy an underwater box for 40,000-50,000. With GoPro, everything is much simpler: it is tiny. Turn on and immediately start shooting, no additional costs.

Therefore, for me, GoPro is a supermobile tool that always gives a high-quality picture.

I like this camera in size. In my opinion, the GoPro form factor is much more convenient than its competitors: they are flat and easily fit in your pocket. Such a camera is convenient to shoot if put on handles or on tripods. Plus they were the first in their class - they have a special trust in them.

I like the image of the company. In addition, GoPro is a camera on which I shot a video, and not a photo, for the first time in my life.

The most memorable video that I shot on this camera is just the GoPro ad. We shot it in the Philippines, as I planned to go there. And the best place to shoot whale sharks and jumping from waterfalls is simply not to be found.

I then thought: this is the perfect place to experience GoPro in different conditions, and it never failed.

Those who have used GoPro at least once know that it doesn’t matter what you do - run, surf or skydive - with the camera you always have the opportunity to shoot cool video easily and simply. So wherever you are, take your GoPro with you and enjoy everything you do. Well, if you don’t have enough inspiration, then sign up for GoPro accounts on Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, or YouTube.



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