Maria Ficksson: “Do not be afraid that you will have to do everything yourself if you do not have investments and big money”


- I am an introvert , and the work of an accountant was perfect for me : I was sitting alone in my office, engaged in certain tasks , tried not to let anyone down. But if you are an introvert , this does not mean , that you cannot create your successful business . I’ve needleworked since childhood - I sewed clothes and backpacks for myself, but I never thought that I could make good money on this.

In Paris, I first saw small shops where women sold jewelry and clothes made by themselves. Returning to Moscow, I developed a plan to accumulate money from my main activity in order to open my own store.

I wrote a blog in LiveJournal : wrote on topics , that I like , and took pictures in clothes , which she sewed herself. And every weekend for two years I went to the markets, where I distributed my business cards and gathered a client base.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: those who develop the business through the talented people they hired, and those who grow, improving their products on their own. When I tried to go the first way, it all ended with the fact that I took people to work, and then did nothing with them. I think that the coolest companies are automated.

I try to automate everything that I can, without hiring new employees. My team for several years consists of only six people.

- I believe that one person is able to conduct a full production cycle: from the idea of ​​a thing to its creation and sale. Do not be afraid that you will have to do everything yourself if you do not have investments and a lot of money.

We have never researched the marketing of other brands.

All things were created according to one principle: something was missing in my wardrobe. The market was filled with tight-fitting outerwear - a style , which I don't like. So coats oversize, appeared, now they are the visiting card of the brand Private Sun. Even at the institute, I wanted to wear voluminous things , but it was difficult to find them , therefore I sewed at home myself. Two requests were combined in our coats: comfort in the cold season and my personal love for clothes “from the man’s shoulder”.

I think she emphasizes femininity and fragility better than pulling things. I wanted to create men's coats when I noticed that the guys all the time want to look how serious - they are and for this they wear classic coats .

I always have ho body to change the idea of ​​clothes and look for a balance between comfort and beauty. So there was a collection of pajamas that are suitable for summer walks in the city, and for business meetings. Customers liked it because it is “live” clothing.

- What is worn on a person always reflects what he has inside and what he does - a profession, a way of life. You can always see when a person puts on his own, trying to play someone else's role, and what kind of color and style it is is not at all important.

I used to sew wedding dresses, but I stopped doing this because once during the fitting a girl asked me a question that I couldn’t find an answer to. She asked if she looked expensive enough in this dress. I could not understand why on this very day people want to prove something and and seem like some other, rich.

Although this day is completely different - about love, about loved ones, and not about how to look expensive. Then I just stopped producing wedding dresses, but now, it seems to me, I am ready to raise this topic again. My wedding dress was very spacious , something- the middle between the vest and cocoon . I remember the reaction of my grandmother , she asked several times: " But what else will be? Maybe add m what - what else? " My new collection of wedding dresses will be very small and very important for me. I want to make a capsule for everyone , who promotes aerial femininity .

With and there are three models that will show : if you like to wear oversize clothes all your life, you can not betray yourself on your wedding day .



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