Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

In just ten years, Margot Robbie has gone from filming an average Australian TV series to serious roles and an Oscar nomination and has become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Now she uses her status to change the world for the better.

Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

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Margot Robbie was born and raised in the resort part of Australia.

Her parents divorced, so from an early age she lived only with her mother, brothers and sister. At 17, she moved to Melbourne, where she began her acting career. She worked on the Subway fast food chain and went to all kinds of auditions. In Australia, she starred in several fairly successful series and films, and in 2011 decided to conquer Hollywood. Almost immediately, Robbie got one of the main roles in the series "Pan American".

Margot is 28 years old, ten of them she starred in films and TV shows. The actress is often not believed and is believed to be at least ten years older. And the media even conduct their own investigations , proving that Robbie really does not lie about his age.

Despite the large list of roles and the strengthened status of the Hollywood star, Margot Robbie became famous not so long ago. Her debut role in American cinema - a minor character in the movie "Boyfriend of the Future" (About Time) - happened in 2013.

But later that year, the whole world found out about her - thanks to the film "The Wolf of Wall Street", where she played the wife of the protagonist performed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Margot Robbie Don't be shy to star in movies nude. True, she still refused to participate in a photo shoot for Playboy magazine. She believes that nudity for the sake of nudity is not her way.

To the questions about how she always manages to look good, the actress replies that specialists are preparing her for any public events, photo shoots and shootings.

Before filming one of the scenes in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Margot ate an apple pie. "Do not contact me for advice, you just have to have a whole team that puts out a good light and oil you so that you look great."

Despite the great attention to her appearance, Margo proved to everyone that she can play not only beautiful girls of the main characters, but she is also ready to take first positions. Robbie also looks organically in indie projects ("French Suite", "Z means Zachariah"), comedies ("Reporter"), blockbusters ("Suicide Squad"), dramas and melodramas.

It seems that Robbie is intentionally trying to move away from the sexual image.

So, she played the American skater Tonya Harding in the film "Tonya against all" and Elizabeth I in the film "Two Queens", where she appears with bald patches and scars on her face.

Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

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B In 2016, Margot Robbie married Tom Akerli, whom she met on the set of the film "French Suite", where Tom was the second director. The actress announced this by posting on Instagram a photo with a ring on her finger.

But Margot Robbie does not like to discuss her marriage, she prefers to talk about her work and her successes.

She is convinced that marriage is not an achievement. "My achievement is to produce a film, make a deal with a large studio."

In an interview with Radio Times , the actress said that she was tired of the pressure from society. Immediately after she got married, one of the first questions in the interview was the question of children. "This concept makes me angry - you got married, now it's time to have a baby.

Do not make any inferences. I do what I want."

Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

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Margot Robbie has repeatedly said that considers a feminist, specifying that for her, a feminist is any person who believes in gender equality in social, emotional and financial terms.

Therefore, she and her husband are feminists.

The actress was rather strongly affected by the topic of harassment and the #MeToo movement.

- Of course, I knew that the problem exists. But this was not called a problem, it was considered a fact. This is terrible thinking.

If we accept sexual harassment as a fact, the world will not change.

In the interview NET-O-PORTER, Margot admitted that before this the movement did not understand what exactly can be considered violence and harassment: "I am over twenty, I am educated, I travel the world, I have my own business, but I do not know this. This is crazy." When asked to speak at an event dedicated to women in the movies, she decided to ask her industry friends about their experiences. Together they created something like a Hollywood letter , which drew attention to the problems that women in the industry face.

Margo is ready to make every effort to change this situation.

Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

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Margot Robbie starred in the director of his dreams - Quentin Tarantino - in his new project Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and continues to participate in DC films as Harley Quinn. At the same time, Margo decided not to be limited to the acting profession.

She simultaneously tries herself as a film producer and builds her empire. Together with her husband and friends, she founded the LuckyCha189 Entertainment film company, whose main goal is to discover new actors and produce more film works with the main female characters. The founders of the company consider themselves independent of the genre and budget, the main thing for them is a scenario with a story about a strong heroine.

The idea of ​​his own company appeared in 2013 in a London apartment, where Robbie lived with her then boyfriend Tom, a friend of Josie McNamara (whom she also met on the set of the French Suite ) and childhood friend Sophia Kerr. The first project they worked on was the film Tonya Against All, which received good reviews.

At first, the actress starred in all LuckyCha206 projects to attract attention, but in the end, the managers decided that this should be an authoritative production company with a diverse set of works and worldwide recognition without reference to Margot Robbie .

Yes, it is possible that Margot Robbie gained fame due to her appearance, but her determination and independence allowed her to conquer Hollywood, build a successful career and found her own company. Robbie gives simple advice to anyone who craves success: "You must not wait for him, you must help him come."

Margot Robbie: “You must not expect success, you must help him come”

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