Mahi Kettlebell - a powerful exercise for muscle development

Mahi with a kettlebell, especially heavy, is a powerful exercise that develops explosive strength and strengthens the muscles of the hips, back and buttocks. It is used by strength athletes, as it helps to develop the correct technique for the movement of the pelvis during exercises such as squats or barbell lifts. Machs are also used in training athletes whose activity is associated with a large load on the muscles of the hips.

In addition to the above, kettlebell exercises are also used in such discipline as crossfit. Machs with a weight can be performed with each hand in turn, with interceptions, or holding the projectile with both hands.

Technique of doing the exercise

Not only the severity of the result depends on how accurately you follow the technique, but also the safety of your joints, muscles and spine.

Mahi Kettlebell - a powerful exercise for muscle development
Crossfit: performing two-handed moves.

Consider the correct execution of the swing:

  • Starting position. The feet are shoulder-width apart, the knees are slightly bent, the pelvis is laid back, the back is straight. The kettlebell is in front, the distance from it to the line of socks is approximately equal to the length of the foot.

  • Further, your task will be, keeping your straight back, to blow up the projectile from the ground and swing back. At the bottom of the trajectory, your body should be almost parallel to the floor. The movement you make is mostly due to rotation in the hip joints. Knees bend and unbend slightly, the back is involved in movement indirectly.
  • When, after a swing, the kettlebell began to lower, it is necessary to draw it forward with an accented movement - to make a jerk.

    At the same time, at the beginning of the movement, the weight is transferred from the heels to the forefoot, the knees are bent and slightly brought forward. Acceleration of the weight is given due to a sharp powerful movement of the pelvis and contraction of the gluteal muscles. When the weight goes up, the weight again moves back a little.

  • After reaching the top point (at shoulder level), the projectile descends into a second swing. If you perform the exercise with one hand and you need to change it, the interception occurs after the projectile passes the upper amplitude point.

    This exercise does not involve lifting weights above you. After reaching the dead center, the projectile lowers down.

Important technical aspects:

  • The kettlebell moves along an arc path that runs at or above the level of the knees closer to groin. The back is always in the same position - flexion or extension of the spine is not allowed. The pelvis shifts forward at the beginning of the movement and retracts at the end with a small amplitude.

  • Throughout the movement, the muscles of the buttocks are tense. They can be relaxed a little only during the return of the kettlebell from the top point.
  • Hands are straight, they do not take an active part in the work. Machs with kettlebells are carried out mainly due to the explosive efforts of the hips and buttocks.
  • The neck is in a single line with the spine.

    In no case should you bend it and throw your head back while moving.

The main goal of performing the swings is to strengthen the training of the muscles of the lower body and to develop the correct technique for the movement of the pelvis (flexion in the hip joint). This is of great help when doing squats and deadlifts. This exercise is useful to you no matter what you prefer: weightlifting, playing sports or crossfit.

When working with heavy weights, the swing is performed with two hands.

This makes the load more even.

Mahi Kettlebell - a powerful exercise for muscle development
Many functional exercises with weights from weightlifting migrated to crossfit.

Benefits and contraindications

Machs with a weight due to their versatility and effectiveness are very widespread. It is no coincidence that the exercise migrated from kettlebell lifting to crossfit and training of sports celebrities.

Regular execution of swings with a weight allows achieving the following results:

  1. Development of explosive force.

  2. Significant strengthening of the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Concomitant development of the muscles of the back, shoulders, hands, abs. In other words, all major muscle groups.
  3. Developing the correct technique for moving the pelvis to perform other strength exercises, in particular, squats with a barbell and deadlifts.
  4. Training of the cardiovascular system.

In fairness, it is worth saying that, despite all the advantages of the exercise, its performance is contraindicated in certain conditions of the body. First of all, this is pain and discomfort in the lower back or pelvic area, problems with the joints of the hips, shoulders or wrists, various injuries.

Beginners should not start their workouts by doing the swing with heavy weights. To get started, practice the movement with a small projectile under the guidance of an experienced instructor. After mastering the technique, you can increase the load.

In addition to swinging with a kettlebell, various training programs involve a number of other exercises with this projectile. Their combination allows you to develop strength and endurance of the muscles of the whole body. So, for example, more difficult exercises are a jerk of a kettlebell and its push. They are part of the competition program for weightlifters. However, beginners should not be discouraged, because the same crossfit includes many simpler movements: leg presses, weights, etc.

Therefore, there is always room for training.



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