L’Oréal and UNESCO award women scientists in Moscow

The International For Women in Science Award was created in 1998 by UNESCO and L'Oréal to support and make famous women scientists .

The winners of the Russian competition L'Oréal - UNESCO "For Women in Science" in 2019 were Guzel Valeeva - Kazan Federal University, Galina Veremeychik - Federal National Center for Biodiversity of Terrestrial Biota of East Asia (Vladivostok), Vera Ville - Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N. D. Zelinsky (Moscow), Tatyana Kardash - Institute of Catalysis named after G. K.

Boreskova (Novosibirsk), Olesya Krumkacheva - International Tomographic Center (Novosibirsk), Anna Romanchuk - Moscow State University, Olga Smirnova - Institute of Molecular Biology named after V.A. Engelhardt (Moscow), Natalya Tilinina - Institute of Oceanology named after P.P. Shirshova (Moscow), Julia Fedoseeva - Institute of Inorganic Chemistry named after A.

V. Nikolaeva (Novosibirsk) and Evgenia Sheremet - Tomsk Polytechnic University.

L’Oréal and UNESCO award women scientists in Moscow

Photo: organizers of the award

Claudio Cavicioli

L'Oréal CEO in Russia and the CIS

- In history, the men almost always received the Nobel Prize . Women - less than 3% of all awarded. Women need a lot of strength, perseverance, self-confidence in order to live their dream.

The program "For Women in Science" was created to turn their dreams into reality and expand boundaries. Science is the work of all mankind. Women should be able to freely engage in science, together with their colleagues solving problems of health care, climate change, artificial intelligence.

In 2019, the competition received 335 applications from 45 cities of Russia. According to the terms of the competition, women candidates for sciences up to 35 years old from Russian scientific institutes and universities can become scholarship applicants.

Area of ​​interest - physics, chemistry, medicine and biology. The jury selected the creators of the most useful and significant projects in their fields.



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