"Live your life - believe me, you have something to do." Svetlana Bondarchuk on the standards of beauty, plastic surgery, psychotherapy and self-love

Proper nutrition to maintain your shape is certainly important. But I eat almost everything. About 15 years ago I refused red meat, but I eat chicken, turkey. Of course, I know that if I lean on the rolls that I love every day, I’ll get one hundred percent better. Nevertheless, I do not exclude them.

If I eat a croissant with jam and butter twice a week, nothing bad will happen.

- I am against all today's rules. I eat at night if I want to eat. In principle, I do not know how to starve. Intuitively, I exclude something unprofitable for myself.

I’m sure: the body plus or minus will tell you what it needs. One must listen to oneself.

To maintain the beauty of my skin, I have my own basic rules. From a young age I go to the beautician once a week. And it’s to the aesthetic cosmetologist who does massage, masks and so on.

Correctly selected home care is required, I have been using Biologique Recherche for more than twenty years - and for me nothing better than this cosmetics. Until I opened my BURO salon. Beauty, went to those centers where this cosmetics was presented.

In the evening, it is important to wash off all makeup and apply a night cream. Quite often, I make masks at home.

I am a secular person, and part of my profession is connected with filming. Often before shooting for an hour I sign up for a sculpted face massage - the face immediately begins to shine and becomes toned. But this is professional tricks and, perhaps, not every girl needs it. Proper home care is already good.

Of course, it helps well if there are skin features, hardware cosmetology.

Regarding injections: if they are necessary (hyaluron, botox), then this should be done. I inject Botox every six months, but I’m always so afraid to see a frozen forehead that I’m short.

To look good, a full sleep is important. It’s enough for me 7-8 hours, I can’t sleep longer, I feel sorry for the time.



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