Lisa Koloskova: “It's nice to win, but defeats seem to say: you can do more”

She has everything: a gold medal, a red diploma, her favorite work ... But she needs more! Read the story of a girl who finds extra hours in a day to become a champion

My dog ​​- the toy terrier Molly - is scared lucky. Half apartments, a bunch of toys and the immense love of the owners - you can only envy her.

I leave early, return late, but walk with her every morning. I often take to competitions. Molly is still a baby, a pocket dog that is comfortable to travel with. When I speak, my mother watches broadcasts with her. Both are sick, worried.

As soon as I get my suitcase, Molly immediately understands: soon on the road! Spins around, asks to take her with him. If I’m leaving alone, it gets clogged under the sofa and does not go out for a long time. Offended.

In transport I often listen to music . I'm relaxing.

My Honor View 20 has a huge playlist: 100 hours, three gigabytes of music.

I turn on and listen to everything mixed up: from Eljay to Mozart and Beethoven. I love L'One - I have not missed a single concert! I like to listen to old American bands: The Black Eyed Peas, The Pussycat Dolls

I am not a machine, my body is also tired. If in the evening I fell into a workout, in the morning it’s hard to tune in to work.

In the summer, jogging helps a lot: 15-20 minutes - and I'm full of energy again! Winter is slippery, so all hope for music and coffee.

I don’t drink soluble ones - I take cappuccino. Recently I tried espresso with orange juice. Wow, how awake!

Cheerleading - sports on a voluntary basis. I am a member of the Russian national team and play for the country at the student world championship, European Championship, but no one pays me.

RANEPA will pay some trips to students - they will reimburse the flight.

When it was necessary to choose between sport and career, I chose sport. I see my potential. I want to leave my mark in cheerleading, say my word. Yes, now I work as a PR and content manager, but all the work is on a laptop, it does not prevent me from training.

I graduated from high school with a golden medal, university - with honors.

In the fall I entered the magistracy.

I always wanted to be at the top of : not for parents, but for myself. This is not perfectionism, this is the goal and movement towards it. In the sessions, you fight for the top five, at the site - for prizes. The main thing is to get into the rhythm.

Like in sports: at the first training session it’s terribly hard, but after a month you get involved. I no longer notice the difficulties. Studying, training, work - learned to combine.

Our flyers (athletes, which are at the top of all the pyramids or stanits. - Approx.

ed. ) they always say: "We are not afraid for ourselves, but for you!".

We are the base, standing below, but we feel the same and worry about those who are above. At the first trainings, I did not know what and how to do. They told me - I tossed.

On the same strength, without technology. When I began to understand what was happening, I began to control the fall. She foresaw what might go wrong. Previously, we called three people for insurance, now on well-developed elements we do without the help of trainers. The more trust between the flyer and the base, the less worry and error.

In 2017, Sasha, my flyer, got a concussion. Unsuccessfully fell when I went to the third tier, to the very top of the pyramid

I lay in the hospital for a long time and returned only last season. I also broke my arm - right before the European Championships, on a regular somersault. I did it a hundred times, but then I made a mistake. The bone quickly fused, but then for several months it was scary.

I was afraid - suddenly I’ll break it again. Everything is in the head. You need to sit down and think about whether you are ready to overpower yourself and move on. If yes, do it through "I can not." If not, stop classes.

Cheerleading is a dangerous sport. “I’m about to fall,” “suddenly they won’t catch”, “now I’ll strike” - you cannot be in constant fear.

In the "Senator" everything aim to win. No one misses classes without a good reason. You come to training and you see: everyone works for the result.

They came not to have fun, but to prepare for the competition and win. Our next goal is to reach the finals at the European Championships. As a captain I unite the guys. We created a general chat room where we chat about everything: from bread prices to mistakes during speeches. Raise each other morale.

Before the championship, everyone is afraid of being injured and losing a place in the team. No one wants to sit in stock. Therefore, the main support is to prove to a person that there is no way without him.

If the guy scared away my physical power means we are not on the way!

I need a strong, reliable person. One that is not afraid of difficulties.

But while I do not think about it. Now the main thing is work, a magistracy, and sports. With such a schedule, two to three hours a week would be left for meetings. It will not be enough! Any relationship is work. So everything has its time.

In the West, a cult of cheerleading has developed . There it’s not just training and competition, it’s a lifestyle

We only wear training clothes, and abroad we make a bunch of casual clothes related to cheerleading: from underpants to jackets. My friend and I came up with an idea: why not release chir-clothes, which are not ashamed to wear every day? In the city, at work, in a cafe. So that people look and understand: yeah, this person is engaged in cheerleading. For example, on hoodies, depict our silhouette in the camp (a figure in which one athlete is lifted or thrown upstairs.

- Note ed. ) and write: Cheerleading isn't just a sport, it's life. We want people to stand out, show themselves. Our team constantly wears sweatshirts! Recently, I posted on Instagram photos from Sochi, shot on Honor View 20. There we go snowboarding, also in our sweatshirts.

I love everything: and meat and fish and vegetables. Newfangled poke is ready to eat all day long.

A Hawaiian dish in which there is nothing superfluous: rice, diced tuna, avocado, corn, nori, sesame. I do not torment myself with diets, otherwise I will fall in the middle of the site. I eat bananas before training, sometimes I make a roll with salad.

On the eve of the competition, the Bolognese pasta menu is traditional and good luck. My favorite food!

В school was my weakness in endurance. I could not run more than a kilometer, not enough strength.

As soon as she started, she rushed in all pairs - she did not calculate the distance and average speed. At the first volleyball training camp, she lagged far behind the guys.

Three circles - and that’s it: I was dying, crawling at the very end. But at some point she got angry with herself. Thought: I'm behind too ?! How so? She began to run, even participated in amateur starts. At the next training camp was already ahead.

When you don’t leave the pedestal You think you have reached the limit.

There is no incentive to move on.

And if you lose, you understand that you are not just breathing in the back - no, you have already been overtaken. Self-esteem is hurt. Failures make you try, to be better. It’s nice to win, but defeats are more important, they say: you can more than .

I am an extrovert to the bone marrow . I’m not afraid to approach strangers and speak with them, and it doesn’t matter in Russian or in English.

Parents taught: if interested, do not be shy and ask. Foreigners are always happy to share their experiences. At cheerleading competitions, there is a common area where everyone trains, gets acquainted, socializes, takes pictures.

There is no open rivalry in the teal, as in running. No one will push, put the bandwagon. In volleyball, teams play against each other, but here we are competing with ourselves. I executed the program perfectly - expect a good result. He did it badly - it's his own fault.

I sleep seven to eight hours. Sometimes I take melatonin.

Training ends late, I arrive home at midnight, the body is overexcited, does not want to sleep at all. But pills are a last resort, I drink only before the competition. I usually just ventilate the apartment to sleep in the cool.

Another option: turn on a boring detective series. I fall asleep quickly, and I open my eyes in the morning, about ten episodes.



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