Life hack: plan your trip in advance for the New Year holidays

The choice of location depends on what you are going to do on the New Year holidays.

For a beach holiday in late December - January , for example, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam are well suited. The air temperature there is around +25 ° C, the sun is shining and you can swim in the sea.

Look for the most beautiful Christmas markets in Tallinn, Budapest, Vienna, Brussels and Prague. Of course, there are a lot of tourists in the cities on Christmas and New Year, but the atmosphere is really festive.

If you want cool sunny weather and cultural sights , but you don’t want to spend too much money on a trip, go out to Georgia, Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan. Russian tourists do not need a visa to all these countries.

Active leisure is varied in winter. For waves and surfing, go to Bali, Sri Lanka, Morocco or Portugal (the last two options are for confident athletes). You can go skiing and snowboarding, for example, at the resorts Sochi , Elbrus,


, Switzerland and Austria, and go camping or trekking - in South Africa and the Canary Islands.

Another way to spend your holidays actively is to go to an organized surfboard or ski camp.

The budget for one person depends on the type of vacation and your requests, so everything is very individual. When planning a New Year’s trip, allocate the amount for each participant in the trip, taking into account the New Year’s Eve gala dinner, gifts, excursions and other entertainment.

In the New Year period, ski passes at ski resorts are more expensive than ever. It makes sense to buy ski passes in advance online - you will save up to half the cost and bypass queues at the box office.

October is the last time when you can buy tickets for holidays at affordable prices and at a convenient time of departure. Booking a flight at the last moment is sometimes really

more profitable

than before, but this does not apply to the New Year holidays, when all people leave at once vacation. According to the


, for the New Year the cheapest way is to fly to Minsk, Riga and Vilnius (if you buy tickets in advance).

It is best to search for flights using the special aggregators . Services find the cheapest and fastest options by searching hundreds of airlines.

If you have a long flight to your destination, lay one or two days to deal with a possible jetlag. By the way, if your flight falls on the night of December 31, you can celebrate the New Year several times. To do this, you need to move from east to west. In addition, there is a chance to have fun on board the aircraft, congratulating the neighbors on New Year.

When choosing a hotel, be guided by its location, reviews of other travelers and their ratings, as well as the availability of food.

In an unfamiliar region it is convenient to have at least breakfast at the hotel. If you are ready for a vivid experience, choose unusual hotel: glass igloo or a tree house. Authentic housing options - flats and apartments to feel like a local - are available on Airbnb.

A pre-planned rest will give strength in the last working weeks of the year. Until December 31, even more than two months, so you have every chance to have time to do all the planned things in order to fly away with a clear conscience to rest.



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