Life hack: how to pack a suitcase

We tell how to pack a suitcase so that everything fits and nothing breaks and spills.

Write a list of everything you need on the trip, and then edit it, deleting the excess. Yes, it sounds tedious, but without a list there is a risk that you take half the wardrobe on a three-day trip, and you walk in the same T-shirt or, conversely, forget something important.

To understand how much clothes to take, you can use the rule " 5-4-3-2-1 ".

For a week-long trip you will need:

  • five sets of underwear and five pairs of socks;
  • four upper parts (T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters);
  • three lower parts (jeans, trousers, skirts);
  • two pairs of shoes ;
  • one hat (hat, cap).

Of course, this list needs to be adapted for you and your needs. Also make sure that all T-shirts and sweaters are combined with jeans and trousers and are universal.

Life hack: how to pack a suitcase

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Yours the task is to fill every inch of the suitcase. If things are tightly packed, there is less risk that they will break or remember.

Put shoes and bulky items on the bottom and sides. Put your socks in your shoes - this will save you space and prevent the shoes from deforming. Pack each boot in a bag. You can fold clothes in many ways. The stack is traditional.

You can also twist clothes into rollers , put in a vacuum bag or pack all things in one . Try several methods and find the one that seems more convenient to you.

On top, put what you need on a trip in the first place, such as pajamas. All sorts of little things - belts, chargers, cases, etc. - can be shoved in the corners.

Wrap fragile items with clothing or bubble wrap and place them in the center of the suitcase. Put liquids, cosmetics and anything that might spill into zip bags or wrap with cling film. Shower gels and shampoos are best to pour into small bottles - for this special travel sets are sold. If you fly by plane, laptops, cameras and other equipment are best taken in your hand luggage: the movers at the airports are unlikely to treat your suitcase carefully.



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