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Rosa Run

Russian champion in mountain running and Reebok athlete Yegor Belousov has compiled a list of things that you need to have with you during the race. Check this checklist to not forget anything.

  1. T-shirt or T-shirt. Two pieces are recommended, so that after the finish change into dry clothes.

  2. Shorts, tights or pants. Choose by the weather.
  3. Running socks. The material from which the socks are made should well remove moisture.
  4. Sleeves.

    They can replace a sweater with a long sleeve, and they can always be removed if it gets warmer during the race.

  5. Sports sconces for girls.
  6. Running sneakers. When choosing sneakers, consider the specifics of the distance. Sneakers for Rosa Peak, Rosa Trail and Rosa Sky must have a pronounced tread, a good degree of cushioning and protection from stones.

    At the Rosa Carnival and Rosa Quest distances, you will need sneakers for road racing: with good cushioning and at the same time in which it is easy to run. All sneakers need to be tested in training.

  7. Cap, hat or buff. They will protect either from the sun or from the cold.
  8. Elastic band for hair, if you have long hair.

  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Gloves. Hands will be protected from the cold, and even in them it is more comfortable to run with sticks.
  11. Telescopic poles for the trail. The lighter the sticks, the better.

    Make sure the sticks are strong.

  12. Windbreaker. In the mountains, this is an indispensable thing.
  13. Water tank or hydrator.
  14. Power at a distance.

    Suitable gels, isotonics, bars. Food will be needed over long distances. Be sure to try everything in advance.

  15. Heart rate monitor, clock.
  16. Pins for the number.

    They are usually issued at the starts, but just in case, you can have your own.

  17. Medical certificate and insurance.
  18. Sunscreen.
  19. Patch.
  20. Elastic bandage.

  21. Life blanket. It may come in handy over long trail distances.
  22. Backpack or waist bag in which you put the necessary things. For short distances like the Rosa Trail, you can do with a waist bag. At distances like Rosa Sky it will be more convenient with a backpack.

    A running backpack is usually small in volume. The main criterion is that it should be comfortable to run with him.

Life hack: how to pack a bag for a race. Professional runner advises

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