Life hack: how to make coffee in a turk

Most articles on this subject say that when making coffee in Turk, the foam should rise three times. Allegedly, this coffee will turn out to be tasty and rich. In fact, coffee in Turk is brewed a little differently (much easier) - we tell how.

Life hack: how to make coffee in a turk

Photo: shutterstock. com

  • Pour freshly ground coffee into a Turk: for 100 ml of water you need 10-11 grams of coffee.

    Use 100% arabica;

  • fill it with water and put on fire - try not to bring it to a boil;
  • you need to remove the turk from the fire as soon as the crust has risen, but the liquid has not yet boiled;
  • after that, give the Turk a minute to “rest”, drown the suspension and pour the drink into the cups.

That's all.

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