Life hack: how to make a snowman

This winter in Russia turned out to be surprisingly snowy. We tell you how to mold a durable snowman, while the snow has not yet melted and turned into dirt.

Not every snow is suitable for a snowman. In frost, the snow is crumbly and crunchy; even a small lump of it cannot be molded. Ideal conditions for making a snowman are a temperature of about -5 degrees and slightly melted, sticky snow.

If the snow is too loose, you can try to fasten it with water, but there is no guarantee that this will help.

To make a snowman, you need a lot of space . Choose a place where you can turn around and no one will interfere. It is also good if the snowman is in the shade - so it will last longer.

Take a handful of snow and make a small ball.

Now roll the ball on the ground - gradually it will increase in size. Change the direction of movement periodically to make the ball uniformly round. The first ball should be the largest, but not too much: if you roll the ball around the belt, then you can’t put two other balls on it.

Life hack: how to make a snowman

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In the same way, roll the second ball, a little smaller. Then carefully lift it and set it on the first.

Do the same with the third ball, it should be the smallest. Your snowman is ready.

The classic snowman has a bucket on his head, carrots as a nose, twigs instead of hands and buttons instead of eyes. But you can move away from the standard and, for example, put a cylinder on a snowman, a sombrero, or whatever.



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