Life hack: how to choose a sports swimsuit

We asked Valentina Lebedeva, multiple finisher and medalist in open water swimming, the head of the swimming school "


" , tell you how to choose the coolest sports swimsuit (or the Bosphorus is coming soon).

Life hack: how to choose a sports swimsuit

Valentina Lebedeva

  • For training in the pool you need a comfortable swimsuit - this is the main criterion. For example, if your beach swimsuit is comfortable and does not interfere with movement, no problem - for the first time it will definitely do. If you are just starting to swim and are not sure what you will like, start with what you have and then decide. Another question is that in beach swimsuits there is a lot of excess.

    Locks, ties - all this will interfere. Some swimwear will even fly off you even at low speed.

  • A sports swimsuit should be athletic, and whether it is a piece or not, is not so important. A separate sports swimsuit is a sconce (as for running) and swimming trunks to the eyeballs. It’s convenient to train in them, but for some reason everyone buys solid models.

    Separate sports swimwear are good for open water. Firstly, the tan will be better, and secondly, the smaller the contact area of ​​the swimsuit with the body, the less places in which it rubs you.

  • As for the material from which the swimsuit is made, I advise you to take proven sports brands. Arena, S57eedo, TYR, Head - they know everything about technology. There are many other good sports companies, but first try the classics.

    At the same time, again, you do not need to immediately buy the most expensive swimsuit in the world: at our school people have been swimming in Decathlon swimsuits for years - and nothing.

  • Don't think that sports bathing is boring. No, in the shops there are many options for crazy colors and a million of all kinds of models.
  • The straps in a one-piece swimsuit are different, but ideally they should be crossed - this is the most convenient way. Tanning on such a swimsuit is also called a "swimmer's tan" (it immediately shows that you exercise a lot in open water).

    A swimsuit with an open back can drop the straps when swimming, and a swimsuit with a closed back will most likely have a zipper. The straps can also be of different widths. It seems to me that thick straps are more durable.

Life hack: how to choose a sports swimsuit

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  • Your speed in the pool does not depend on what swimsuit you wear.

    If you take a one-piece sports swimsuit and the same separate one, you will not notice the difference (especially in amateur sports). Yes, there are starting one-piece swimwear, they add some hundredths, but for lovers this makes no sense.

  • With the size it is better not to guess, but to go and try on a swimsuit in the store. This can be done, for example, in Proswim - there is always a great choice. Then, having already figured out the dimensional grid, order swimwear online.

    If you really want something from the Internet, go to the store and try on a similar swimsuit of the same brand, you will not be mistaken.

  • Do not wash your swimsuit after each workout, this will only speed up his death. Just rinse it under the shower (and then be sure to hang it to dry). To be honest, modern sports swimwear basically lasts a long time - you will want to buy a new one faster than your old one will become unusable.
  • So that the swimsuit does not rub anywhere, it must be selected in size (a small swimsuit will definitely rub).

    If you have to swim for a long time, smear with Vaseline the places where the swimsuit comes in contact with the skin, especially the neck and armpits. At a short distance in fresh water, this can be neglected, and before swimming in the sea, smear even those places where the skin comes into contact with the skin (in salt water, rubbing is stronger and more unpleasant). In addition to petroleum jelly, there are special gel creams such as Morevna Cosmetics does - the properties are the same, but there is also a pleasant smell and vitamins. Body G84de sticks are good too.

  • Participating in an open water start is best in your regular swimsuit - the one in which you train.

    Otherwise, in the middle of the distance it may turn out that the new swimsuit is uncomfortable and only interferes.

Life hack: how to choose a sports swimsuit

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