Life hack: go to the store with a trolley bag

We already told you why shopping is worth going with a string bag. We offer another convenient option.

It happens that you need to buy many products at once. If there is no car, how to bring bags to the house? In this case, the trolley will help. In it, you can immerse kilograms of fruits and vegetables, a couple of liters of milk and calmly roll shopping for yourself.

In addition, you do not need a plastic bag that will decompose in landfills and in the natural environment from one hundred to five hundred years.

The main thing in the trolley is strength. Here's what you should pay attention to when buying:

  1. The frame of the bag should be metal, plastic can quickly become worthless.
  2. Big wheels: this trolley is easier to drive. Well, if the wheels are covered with rubber - they will last longer than the plastic counterparts.

  3. The size of the bag. There are roomy models, and miniature ones. Choose the size based on what you will carry in your bag. You can also choose a folding model.
  4. Bag material - strong and moisture repellent.

    Make sure that the fabric does not tear and does not get wet after the first trip to the store.

In Russia, trolley bags are still considered the prerogative of retirees, although manufacturers have long been producing beautiful and practical options that are not ashamed to go out on the street. For example, such:

Photo: Yandex. Market

Photo: Yandex. Market

Photo: Yandex.


Photo: Yandex. Market

Photo: Yandex. Market

Photo: Yandex. Market



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