Leo Kassil, founder of the circus school in Gorky Park: “With us people get rid of fears and gain confidence”

- The first time I tried to fly on a trapeze in childhood. I remember I really liked the feeling of flying. Then my friends and I specially went to other countries to study, because in Russia there was no such opportunity. We thought it was terribly unfair. Why in our country, despite a strong circus school, amateurs have no opportunity to engage in circus art? It was after this question that the idea arose to open a circus school for everyone.

We studied the experience of schools that work in the United States and Europe, and realized that this niche in Russia has not yet been occupied by anyone. We became pioneers in the home market and, together with Danone, opened the first circus school in Moscow.

Yes, the trapeze is the main element, but we still teach air gymnastics on canvases, a ring and an air mesh. In addition, we have a professional trampoline with a system of lounges (a device that insures artists during dangerous tricks. - Approx.

Ed.). That is, if you want to master some complex elements on the trampoline, for example a somersault, with us you can do this in insurance, it’s absolutely safe. You can also learn to juggle rings, balls and clubs from us.

We decided to implement in our project the concept of not only a school, but also a show.

And if everything is clear with the school, then you need to tell about the show separately. On one of the weekends at the end of each month, we arrange a performance in which everyone who regularly visits us has the opportunity to participate. We sew costumes, invite make-up artists, our students choose music for their performance and one day they call their relatives, relatives, friends and appear before them as circus artists. It even happens that people don’t recognize or believe that their colleagues or friends are the people who perform all these incredible pirouettes on the trapeze.

Leo Kassil, founder of the circus school in Gorky Park: “With us people get rid of fears and gain confidence”

Photo: Trapeze Actual school



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