Leg weights - types and weights, exercises for hips and buttocks

Weighting - a sports accessory designed to create additional load when performing exercises. It is used in various disciplines: athletics, martial arts, aerobics, crossfit and others.

Leg weights - types and weights, exercises for hips and buttocks


Weighting agents are fabric bags, divided into sectors and filled with cargo. This design fits snugly on the leg or arm. The device is fastened with Velcro.

In stores, you can often find the following types of weights:

  • With a solid load (type-setting). Models are made of dense canvas material, inside of which metal elements of the same weight are placed. Due to this, loads can be varied effectively. Another plus is the strength of the tarpaulin, which practically does not wear out during prolonged use.
  • With bulk cargo.

    A simplified version. The base is made of fabric, and different materials serve as cargo: steel balls, sand, salt. At a price more affordable than the "solid" model. Minus soft weighting agents - the impossibility of varying loads. In addition, the woven base wipes over time, which leads to a loss of filler.

In addition to standard models, there are also weighting gloves and even weight vests. For convenience, some hand accessories are made in the form of bracelets. This option is popular among girls and novice athletes.


Additional weights are used to increase loads and improve athletic performance. Let's analyze the benefits of using weighting agents:

  • Intensive weight loss.

    Weight accessories create resistance to muscle work, which allows you to burn subcutaneous fat faster. For example, when running with weighting agents on your legs, calorie consumption increases by 15-20%.

  • Increased Stamina. Together with the load on the body, the pulse rate increases. As a result, the heart muscles are strengthened, and the athlete becomes less susceptible to prolonged debilitating training.

  • Formation of a sports silhouette. When using weighting agents for the lower extremities, the hips and buttocks are strengthened. When wearing wrist weights, shoulders and back are well worked out. As a result, the muscles gain tone, and the figure is tightened.
  • Overcoming stagnation.

    Many athletes, having reached a "plateau" - the moment of stopping progress, dramatically change the training program in order to "shock" the adapted muscles. Cuffs with a load allow you to achieve the same effect with the usual exercises.

Of course, pumping large amounts of muscle with weighting compounds will not work. For these purposes, power shells are used. But to create an extra load in aerobic training and improve the results in body shaping is possible.

Weight gain

Complete your workouts with accessories gradually. As a rule, the minimum weight of weighting compounds begins with 0.5 kg. During the first month, exercise with such weights.When the muscles get used, add another 500 g.

Gradually, you will increase the weight of accessories to 5-6 kg, which corresponds to the loads of trained athletes.

For beginners, it is necessary to begin to master the technique of exercises under the supervision of a trainer, and only after “connecting” weights.

High-speed exercises, such as running, are recommended to be performed with minimal shells (0.5-1 kg). For low-intensity elements aimed at working out the relief of muscles, their strengthening, weighting materials weighing from 2 to 4 kg should be chosen.

5 effective cardio exercises with weights for legs

If the goal is to quickly lose weight and tighten muscles, we recommend that you regularly perform the following elements.

Running with high knee lifting with overwhelming shins

We fasten the weights on the ankles, we straighten. We bend our arms, hold our forearms parallel to the floor. Alternately we raise our knees, try to touch our palms. We move energetically, without pauses.

You can perform in one place or run around the gym. We continue for 1-2 minutes.

Then we bring our hands behind our backs, press them to our buttocks. We bend our legs one by one and try to reach with our heels to our palms. We perform whipping quickly, within 1-2 minutes.


Firmly fix the weight on the ankles, lower to the position of the strap. The pelvis is slightly raised. Sharply pull the knee to the opposite shoulder. We quickly return to the starting position and at the same time repeat the movement with the other knee. We move without pauses, at a fast pace, for 1 minute.

Jumping on the plio-box

We fix the weights on the legs, stand facing the box (height 60-70 cm). We push off with our legs and jump onto the platform. In case of separation, we help ourselves with a wave of hands. Without delay, a slight bounce back we return to its original position. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.

Jumping rope

We attach the weight cuffs on the ankles, we take the rope in hand. We jump for 3-4 minutes. We periodically change the jumping technique: on one leg, back and forth, with acceleration, with a double scroll of the rope and so on. The main thing is a variety of movements.

Classical running

A simple and effective exercise for weight loss.

In combination with additional weights, it allows you to quickly reduce body fat, strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Beginners are not recommended to run with weights, as this overloads the unprepared joints of the legs. First you need to master the technique of movements and practice with accelerations and running uphill. Only then can the cuffs begin to be used gradually.

A set of exercises to strengthen the abs, hips and buttocks

Before starting classes, do a simple warm-up: run at an easy pace and gently pull the muscles.

  1. We fix the weights on the legs, get up evenly. We put one hand on the back of a chair or any other stable object. Perform swing leads to the side. We make 20 movements and change the leg.After this, we repeat the exercise with the removal of the limbs back and forth.

    Another 20 times.

  2. We stand on all fours, weighting - on his feet. Then lower the forearms to the floor. From this position we straighten one leg and perform swing movements up. In the lower phase, the toe of the foot on the floor does not lower.

    We try not to bend the knee. At the top, we squeeze the buttocks as much as possible. Repeat 20 times and switch sides.

  3. We stand on all fours, the cuffs are on the ankles. Gently raise the right knee and move it to the side.

    We are trying to bring the thigh parallel to the floor. Slowly lower the leg, but do not put the knee on the floor at the bottom. We perform 20 leads and change sides.

  4. We remain standing on all fours. We straighten the right leg at an angle of 45 ° back and put it with the toe on the floor.

    Without bending the knee, swing the right foot behind the left foot in a circular motion, touch the floor and immediately return it to its original position. We make 20 movements, then change legs and repeat.

  5. We fix the cuffs on the shins, lie down on our back and lower our hips. Keep the heels on weight. From this position we raise our legs vertically, at the same time we push the pelvis up, taking the pose of a "birch".

    Immediately return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.

  6. Lying on your back, pull your knees to your chest and wrap them in your arms. At the same time, we raise the upper and lower limbs to the sides. At the same time, the pose should resemble a star.

    We quickly return to the starting position and repeat. We make 20 dilutions.

Perform the presented plan in 2 circles. Pauses between elements are minimal - 10-15 seconds. Rest between circles - 2-3 minutes.

Before starting a workout, as a warm-up, you can use one of the cardio exercises discussed above. End the training with jumping rope without weights (7-10 minutes). To achieve results, exercise 3-4 times a week.

Where to buy and how much it costs

Weighting materials can be purchased at almost any sports store. If "offline" there is no necessary accessory, the Internet and many sites selling similar equipment will come to the rescue.

Prices depend on materials, weight and manufacturer. You can find soft weighting materials with sand weighing 0.5-1 kg at a price of 200 rubles. Models with metal plates begin in the region of 400-450 rubles per pair.

How to make leg weights for your own hands

If you don’t want to spend money, sew the cuffs yourself.

You will need a dense strong fabric, a zipper with a lock, a velcro strip, a metal ring and a filler:

  • Cut the fabric into two pieces 50 cm long and 30 cm high. Then sew them, leaving the upper edges free . It should look like a handbag.
  • Sew a Velcro strip from the outside. At the same time, half of it remains free.

    It is the free part that will tighten the weight.

  • Sew a ring at the opposite end of the Velcro.
  • Sew the zipper on the top of the “handbag”.
  • Divide the surface of the workpiece into several equal compartments, stitch it on a typewriter, forming "pockets".
  • Place the filler inside and close the zipper.

    You can start training!

Recommendation: if you are doing weights only for the legs, reduce the height of the weighting to 12-15 cm, so that when applying on the shin, he did not press on the calf muscles.


There are diseases in which it is undesirable to train using additional weights:

  • varicose veins;
  • recovery period after surgical intervention or injury;
  • sprain of muscles and ligaments;
  • dislocation of joints;
  • pathology of the spine;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

In case of diagnosing health problems, the athlete is obliged to inform the trainer who will decide on the permissibility of using weighting compounds.



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