Leg curl - working through the back of the thigh

Bending the legs while lying down is an insulating exercise aimed at working out the muscles of the back of the thigh. It allows you to give the muscles a relief, visually separate the hips from the buttocks and achieve a harmonious shape of the legs in the presence of well-developed quadriceps. As a rule, when training legs, flexion and extension are used in pairs.

Features of the exercise

Bending the legs in the simulator while lying down, or alternatively, sitting and standing (there are also such simulators) is one of the most popular exercises, both in women's and men's training on lower body. This is explained, firstly, by the ease of mastering the technical side of the movement, and secondly, by the ability to work out precisely the target muscles.

Speaking of musculature. Target muscles when performing flexion of the lower leg will be:

  • Biceps of the thigh or biceps. It has the main burden.
  • Semi-tendon and semi-membranous muscles. They are located closer to the inside of the leg.

    Just like the biceps of the thigh, these muscles flex the leg in the knee joint.

  • The calf muscles are included in the work additionally.
Leg curl - working through the back of the thigh
Load distribution: hip biceps, semi-membranous, semi-tendon and calf muscles.

As for the place of this exercise in training, it usually, like the extension of the lower leg, is performed after basic exercises on the legs and buttocks, in particular, after squats or deadlifts. The number of sets and reps may vary depending on your goals.

As a rule, this is 3-4 sets of 15-20 times.

  • Girls perform this exercise in a repetitive mode with low weight. This approach works for fat burning, allows you to increase muscle tone and draw relief.
  • Men do fewer repetitions, but with more significant weight. Thus, the biceps of the thigh increases in volume and increases muscle strength.

    And this, in turn, not only adds mass to the legs, but also provides significant support when performing basic exercises.

With the right technique, bending the legs on the simulator is quite safe and is recommended even for beginners. However, if you have had injuries to your knee joints or lower spine, be careful.

Leg curl - working through the back of the thigh
The classic version of the exercise: while lying down.

The bending of the legs while sitting and lying on the effect is practically no different.

Choose the most comfortable position for you. By doing leg curls while sitting, it will be easier for you to breathe, since the chest will not be squeezed, and lying easier to control the range of weight movement. Also, some athletes do bending alternately with one and the other legs while standing in a special machine. This allows you to better feel your hip biceps. There are many variations and you can always replace one with another.

Leg curl - working through the back of the thigh
Bending the legs on the machine while standing.

In the absence of a simulator at all, this exercise can be replaced by bending the legs with dumbbells sandwiched between the feet.In this case, you lie on your bench with your stomach.

Technique of execution

Consider the technique of performing the exercise lying down. When doing bends while sitting or standing, follow the same principles.

First of all, adjust the simulator to your height and leg length. The knee joints should extend beyond the edge of the bench, and the cushion, in which you will rest against the lower part of the lower leg, should be located a few centimeters above the heel. Everything is simple here - the closer the roller to the heel, the greater the lever and the more effective the exercise. At the bend of the bench you lie down with your stomach so that you are comfortable and there is no tension in the lower back.

  1. Lie on the treadmill and place your legs under the roller.

    Hands hold special handles or the edges of the bench.

  2. On exhalation, bend the lower legs, trying to bring the roller as close as possible to the buttocks. The front surface of the thighs is pressed against the bench.
  3. On inhalation, unbend the legs, gently lowering the weight down. Fully straighten your knees and relax your hip biceps at the lower point.

  4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

You can vary the load in this exercise by changing the position of the toes of the feet. Having spread your socks out, you will shift the emphasis towards the outer surface of the thighs. Bringing them in - towards the inside.

You can also alternate bends on the machine in a sitting or lying position.

If you have the appropriate simulator, you should try to do the exercise while standing first with one foot, then the other. The more versatile the muscle will be, the better you will get the result.

After a workout, do a little stretch. This will help to relax your hip biceps and improve blood circulation.



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