Leg and butt workout for girls in the gym: program

If you ask any girl that she would like to pump up by the summer, the most popular answer will be one - legs and buttocks. A small part will say that she would like to tighten her tummy as well. Most dream of beautiful embossed legs and round elastic buttocks. Today we will play the role of a magician who will help you realize your dreams in a fairly short time.

Why fat goes down

Girls, however, like men care about the question: why fat is deposited on the stomach, hips, legs.

It would be nice if it was deposited on the chest, or around the biceps. But no, he torments everyone in other places.

This question is especially acute in the spring, when the warm sun makes you want to wear light clothing.

Leg and butt workout for girls in the gym: program

The accumulation of fat in precisely the problem areas is explained by the self-preservation strategy that is genetically embedded in us. Any energy that the body has stored "on a rainy day" goes to the "piggy bank" around the stomach, hips.

This is a natural place of accumulation of fat, the so-called airbag. In nature, this is a defense mechanism, in the modern world - a consequence of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Female hormonal background additionally contributes to the accumulation of fat in problem areas, since, from the point of view of nature, this is the protection of future offspring.

Don’t be sad, we’ll talk about the stomach in another section, but we’ll start processing the legs and buttocks now!

Leg and buttock training program for girls

To begin with, we will analyze in detail the exercises for girls who are advisable to do in order to fashion slim legs.


It is in the plural that we gave the heading to this section.

Because there will be at least two types of squats:

  1. A classic squat with a wide diagonal setting of the feet - for the buttocks and extensors of the legs.
  2. Plie squats - for pumping the inner thigh.

If you wish, you can also do the front squat, if you think that quadriceps should also be pumped up.

The first exercise is performed like this:

  1. Take the bar for fitness (it is lightweight, just for girls). Of course, if you are an experienced athlete, you can use more weight.

  2. Spread your legs wide and place your feet diagonally. This will redistribute the load, and make the buttocks work, not just the legs.
  3. Lay the bar on the trapezius muscles, straighten your back. Keep your head straight. Buttocks take back.

    On the side should be visible a good deflection in the lower back. If it is not - you need to do a stretch for the lower back and back of the thigh.

  4. Squat down parallel to the floor, knees turned to the sides, feet, too.
  5. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

If you continue to gain weight, do it slowly.

Keep in mind that if you switch to the power side of the exercise, i.e. using large weights, you run the risk of swinging your legs more, instead of just making them neat and taut.

Plie squats (exercise No. 2) in the gym can be done as follows:

  1. Place 2 steps next to it or 2 stable benches.

    The distance between them should correspond to the width of your legs.

  2. Stand on their edges so that there is free space below you. It is necessary for the deepest squat. Turn your feet to the sides, knees maximally spread as well. Lower your hands with a small dumbbell in front of you.

  3. Do 3 sets of 15 deep dumbbell squats.

The front squat can not be done, for girls it does not play a special role. If you really want to, take a towel or a special soft winding for the neck so that you do not have bruises after the squat.

Leg presses

With the leg press in the gym you can level your legs from all sides. We will analyze 3 options.

Option 1: the back of the thigh

We go to the simulator for leg press, put our feet on the platform so that the feet are on the edges of its upper part.

    1. We remove the safety stops and squeeze up an empty area. Practice has shown that for many girls this is already enough at first. Then it’s already possible to add 5 kg, 10. Yes, such weights, but the way it is.

      The site itself weighs about 35-40 kg, sometimes less.

    2. After you have correctly placed your legs and squeezed the platform, bend your legs so that your knees go to your chest. By the way, the knees need to be oriented to the sides, as are the toes. The wider you raise your knees, the deeper you can lower the platform. This is exactly what needs to be achieved, because the back of the thigh and the bottom of the buttocks will be involved in the upward movement.

Option 2: front of the thigh, quadriceps

Now you need to put your feet on the lower part of the platform, feet shoulder width or slightly narrower. It’s not possible to lower the weight so deeply as in the previous exercise, your legs bend somewhere by 90 degrees. This is normal.

Option 3: kill two birds with one stone

You can put your legs in the middle of the platform. All the muscles will work, but this makes no sense, because the leg press is done after, for example, a squat, to load the part of the legs that needs it.

С how much should I do?

For girls you need to choose one version of the exercise (depending on which muscles you want to finish) and do it in 3 sets of 15 times with small weights. Most recommended option number 1.

And you can do the whole complex, one kind of bench press per approach. Or you can alternate between different ways of doing exercises on different days.

Dumbbells and lunges

Buttocks with dumbbells work especially well.

  1. Take 2 small dumbbells. You are a girl, you do not need much.
  2. Stand facing the mirror (you can later get up sideways when you have some experience in the gym).
  3. Set one foot back and the other forward. Tear off the heel of your feet behind the floor.

    You can put something under it.

  4. Bend the front leg at the knee so that the body drops down, but the center of gravity remains in the middle. If you look from the side, then the movements are carried out strictly up and down. Therefore, the knee of the front leg does not go beyond the line of the sock.
  5. At the time of the exercise, the lower part of the buttocks of the front leg, the quadriceps, and the hip flexor swing.

Do 12 repetitions for each leg in 3 sets with small weights.

Various thrusts

Dead thrust, Romanian thrust, deadlift in the hall - pump the back of the legs, buttocks and lower back. Be sure to do at least one of these exercises. They should be included in your main complex.

Deadlift is a classic exercise.

Thanks to him, the strength and mass of all muscles will comprehensively increase. Usually this exercise is recommended for men.

If you need to specifically load your legs and buttocks, choose Romanian or deadlift with dumbbells or a bar, as you prefer.

Do the selected exercise in 3 sets and 12-15 repetitions. Watch your equipment closely.

Lead legs with a weight of

For buttock pumping, buttock abduction with weighting or using the lower block is well suited.

You need to hook the handle of the block with your foot and take it back 15 times for each leg.

We do 3 sets on each leg. Exercise is well suited as the final stage in your complex.

Exercises for the point workout of the legs

Here we are talking about extension and bending, mixing and raising legs in the simulator.

These are point exercises that make the relief of a specific side of the legs more clear and pronounced.

The extension of the legs ensures the elaboration of the quadriceps, the flexion of the back of the thigh.

The reduction and dilution of the legs is usually done on the same simulator with a removable traction regime of the balance. A useful thing for girls who want to get rid of the side "ears" on their knees, or sagging inner thigh.

Rises on socks for calves

Do not forget about the invisible muscles of the body - calves.

Yes, they work constantly when walking, running. But this is not it. They also need to download! To do this, there is a special simulator, or any free weight.

Leg and butt workout for girls in the gym: program

We need to do socks lifts in 3 sets of 20 times.

If you use the simulator for calves, place your feet in different ways to pump all sides of the muscles.


With the help of running in the gym on the track, you can comprehensively tone your leg muscles. Perhaps, with intense running and good fat burning, you can even get some relief.

First of all, running is a cardiac load and a way to keep the cardiovascular system in good shape. And as a means to pump up your legs - just a temporary alternative. You need to run, but you can’t pump up your buttocks with one run.

By the way, do not forget that before any weight training cardio workout is required.And after, respectively, a hitch and a stretch. You can use a treadmill, ellipse or exercise bike for these purposes.

What is the result?

We summarize. To make beautiful buttocks and slender legs in the hall, you need to squat, do deadlift and perform other exercises.

We use moderate weights and an average number of repetitions.

Leg and butt workout for girls in the gym: program

Leg training should be complete. Swing your legs twice a week. Do one hard workout, the other lighter.

The set of exercises in the gym described in the article is shock training for legs and buttocks.

Use the listed exercises in the gym to make your figure perfect!



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