L-arginine - all about the benefits and reception

L-arginine is a completely replaceable amino acid that is produced in some quantities by the body. Arginine has several interesting and useful properties, because of which the amino acid is taken for prevention. L-arginine affects various functions of the human body:

  1. Helps to heal wounds

  2. Cleansing the kidneys of harmful products

  3. Strengthening immunity

  4. Maintaining hormonal levels

  5. Vasodilation

Arginine is included into the composition of the protein and is a donor of nitric oxide, hence one of the functions: vasodilation, which makes it possible for more oxygen and beneficial substances to enter the muscles. The importance of amino acids in medicine is now becoming clearer.

L-arginine gained its popularity among athletes due to the increased effect of testosterone drugs, which means it has a positive effect on muscle gain.

Arginine improves sleep quality and activates growth hormone.

This amino acid is not necessary to buy in specialized stores, but can be obtained from food:

  1. Nuts
  2. Seeds
  3. Meat
  4. Fish

As well as peas, chocolate and other products ... Remember that after processing the products, some of the arginine is lost.

If you want to receive arginine synthesis in large quantities by the body, consume more of the above products. Athletes are wiser to use sports supplements.

L-arginine - all about the benefits and reception

Benefits of arginine

Arginine is an important and indispensable amino acid, the lack of which will lead to a pathological condition. Since the amino acid is included in the protein, it is comparable to the bricks for the whole house (building material).

For girls, the amino acid also plays an important role during menstrual cycles.

It has a positive effect on mood and performance.

The functions of the amino acid L-arginine have a positive effect on:

  1. Cure and prevention of atherosclerosis and vascular calcification

  2. Brain performance and memory

  3. Cardiovascular system, treatment of angina pectoris

  4. Blood flow and blood quality

  5. Erectile function

  6. Growth and development of the child

  7. The amount of muscle mass

  8. Immunity

  9. Arterial health and pressure

  10. Blood sugar, insulin

  11. Sperm quality

  12. Burning subcutaneous fat

  13. Promotes the conclusion that xin and ammonia

L-arginine has a large number of positive effects, so the need for this amino acid / products containing it / sports supplement cannot be denied.

L-arginine - all about the benefits and reception

Harmful arginine

Arginine consumed with ordinary food is safe and does not harm the body.This is a sports supplement that has contraindications, namely:

  1. For pregnant and breast-feeding women

  2. If you are hypersensitive (consult with doctor)

  3. With frequent herpes diseases

  4. With regular fainting and hypotension

  5. growth period in children can lead to "gigantism"

In any case, be sure to consult a doctor. Remember that increasing the dose has negative consequences (nausea, stomach pain, weakness, low blood pressure.

Long-term use of arginine is not recommended, because it is possible:

  1. Tissue compaction

  2. Negative effect on cartilage and joints (deformation)

  3. Immunity decline

  4. Change in hormonal levels

L-arginine - all about the benefits and reception

When and how to take arginine?

Of course, the best option is to take foods containing arginine. If you read this article, you are definitely interested in sports arginine normal melts 115 mg per kilogram of weight, while it is not recommended to take an amino acid more than 10 grams per day. Remember that you need to start with smaller doses, gradually increasing, bringing to normal.

Time of admission - individually. To improve nutrition muscle intake of arginine is carried out immediately before and after training.

I recall that you can use it at night to improve sleep quality and activate growth hormone more. Do not forget that the time between doses of arginine should be 2-3 hours.


  1. The best option for obtaining arginine is food, but the supplement is optional

  2. Before use, consult a specialist

  3. L-arginine has many useful, medicinal, and preventive properties that are useful for both a simple person and an athlete

  4. Using excessive amounts of arginine will harm your health



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