Kvammanga and Asana Yoga Fest: how to organize the brightest festivals of this summer

- This year, for the second time after Kwammanga, we will be holding the Asana Yoga Fest. The fact is that within the framework of Kvammanga and other festivals, where there is a lot of creativity, various bodily practices and music, it is simply impossible to feel how much yoga can be different. Sergei and I have long been thinking about holding a festival dedicated only to yoga. When we met and exchanged ideas on this subject, then everything immediately fell into place. We decided to make a festival where everyone can try different areas of yoga, original techniques and Ayurveda.

In general, everything related to yoga. In addition, we wanted to create a space where people could just chat - make acquaintances for professional growth and personal communication. Finding your halves in the end (and so Sergei and I found each other).

Everyone who comes to Asana Yoga Fest has a different level of training. That is why we created the festival: so that everyone has the opportunity to emphasize something useful for themselves, something that he can apply in his daily practice.

During the festival, we will try to share knowledge that will allow beginners to love yoga while avoiding injuries.

We made it so that everyone would be interested in the festival. We have many programs - there is yoga for beginners, for children, adolescents and pregnant women. There is pair yoga, baby yoga for parents with children, Ayurveda lectures and a bunch of other things. This year we made the Pro program for experienced practitioners and teachers - well-known and experienced masters who have been practicing for decades and have original methods will conduct classes.

For example, Leonid Garzenstein and his own technique of spinal yoga therapy.

- The greatest value of “Kwammangi” and “Asanas” is the atmosphere. Each of those present can feel part of something larger. We exchange experience, knowledge, share energy and joy with each other. This is inspiring: after the festival, the desire to open new horizons, to learn and change oneself for the better remains for a long time.

In ordinary life, we often feel loneliness and disunity: depending on the capabilities and abilities, we divide each other into groups and are constantly afraid to not please someone, afraid to become outsiders. Because of such fears, it is difficult to see the real picture of the world and realize oneself.

At the festival, a person changes: he learns to objectively evaluate the social attitudes in which he lives. This gives him the opportunity after the festival to become the master of his life and stop being afraid. We want people to be able to realize: they have enough strength and knowledge for a joyful and healthy life.

Of course, this does not happen right away. You need to look inside yourself and meet with the dark sides of your personality - accept them, realize them, thank them and transform them into a source from which other actions, decisions, thoughts and actions will be born.



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