Katya Butko: "There is nothing more attractive than individuality"

- I was 18 , when we were with my the former young man Mitya broke the car of my parents, and in order to repay them a debt of half a million rubles, they began to sell watches. Then there was no “Instagram”, I almost blindly figured out how Internet marketing works, and promoted our store through my blog and page on Vkontakte. After a couple of months, we returned all the money to our parents and started just making good money. After some time, I realized that I want to have my own business, and regular trips should be part of it.

I worked as a stylist for the photographer Dasha Zaitseva and bought vintage clothes especially for shooting.

She flew around the world, bought up all the vintage shops and camber, then brought to Moscow, where she altered clothes and put in order. At one point, there were so many clothes that I decided to sell them online. Thus appeared the vintage clothing store The Kate Shop. It was not easy to promote it: vintage clothes are all - still not mass -market, but I really liked to do everything myself. I myself took pictures, retouched, uploaded to the site, talked with customers and delivered things.

Thanks to this, at the age of 20 I realized what components a successful online business should consist of.

- I think I always had an entrepreneurial streak , but just before a certain time there were no necessary circumstances , to implement it.

My next project is the shoe store Porta 9. It was launched by a team of three from three the person where I was the creative director. In the process of creating it with the help of social networks, we involved all future buyers.

Six months before the opening, they created an account on Instagram, where people helped us choose everything: from the color of the walls in the room to the models of shoes. A year later, we launched the shoe brand Portal , which is still successful and actively developing. After some time, I left the team and decided to make my project.

He became Instarguide , although the idea belongs to my friend Polina Burashnikova. She is a true Instagram blogger: she likes to photograph food, the interior, to come up with new processing styles.

I'm interested in the business approach , I like to understand how to succeed in a particular area, develop strategies , and already then add creative to them. We noticed , that Polina and I were constantly asked the same questions . For her - how to become a cool life style - blogger, for me - how to repeat the success of Porta 9. To answer them, we wrote two different guides - e-books with instructions for business accounts and personal profiles on Instagram.

- At we invested only 200 euros in this project, and the net profit immediately after launch amounted to one million rubles .

Suddenly, the business began to gain serious momentum.

Guides for processing photos and maintaining accounts on Instagram are very popular , but, in fact, it was we who came up with all this, creating a strong brand and starting to work with other bloggers who shared their experience and advice with us. Then we faced the problem of piracy: our guides began to resell two to three times cheaper - and books depreciated.

Now we work more as an agency: we consult profiles individually. The format of books is gradually becoming obsolete.

In general, , in my opinion , people are tired of ideal pictures , layouts in profiles , of those licked by processing photos. Therefore, I think that our approach , , which was relevant a year ago, is already working not so efficiently : there are too many identical profiles . When people see in our guides a set of rules, it’s difficult for them to add something from themselves , so with now our task is to develop in users creative. We gave them the base , and now b it’s great to inspire them to , just to be yourself . Telegram in this sense is a very promising platform.

My new, sixth project The Flow Circle , which I recently launched with Daria Zaitseva, is dedicated to him. We have created a podcast database (audio recordings) in the telegram bot format. It will be possible to find a lot of useful and inspiring information from us, both from Dasha and me, and from invited speakers.

On Instagram, the algorithms change every week . Previously, I could say, that with a certain strategy, a person will gain 10,000 subscribers , for example, in three months, I could advise what time of day is better Make posts for maximum coverage of .

Now I can’t make any promises and want to make it clear to people , that there are no miracles in this area . You only need to think about the content, make it quality , interesting - and then it , can be , will get to the top.

- If your picture does not have the wow effect , you are unlikely to get a large number of unique subscribers . You need to be sure that , that you make a high-quality picture and write a high-quality text , and then how it will turn out .

A good profile in "And nstagram" is a great help for the development of business and personality.

For me, this is a way - with the help of beautiful photos and collaboration with brands - to maintain a earned image and draw attention to the message that I carry. But now the channel format in Telegram has become more interesting for me. With the help of long reads, you can develop your personality , and this will be a competitive advantage . On my channel @katebutkodaily there are almost 6,000 subscribers, but I feel much more feedback from these people, and for me it is especially important.

I don’t want to be perceived as an Instagram blogger who has no background.

Young people write to me in Yandex.Direct, they get acquainted because they see a beautiful picture, and then when they meet me in real life (I meet on Instagram, by the way, very rarely), they say: "I thought you were just just a pretty picture , but it's so interesting to talk with you. " I want people not to be afraid to share what they have inside .

- A couple of years ago, a person’s success on Instagram was determined by whether he could ideally show his life in profile . Now the trend is sympathy and sincerity.

People are annoyed if the person is perfect. I try to break the stereotype that a blogger is an eternally traveling girl with a bunch of clothes, and I sincerely write in a telegram about my problems and state of mind.



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