Just one rule that will change your life

It happens like this: there seems to be a dream, but it cannot be realized in any way - something always interferes and distracts. There is a goal, too, but there are always things that divert to the side and take away all the forces. Life coach Susie Moore also couldn’t finish anything before, but then she learned about the 100% rule and was able to do everything. You can too.

- Two years ago, my friend decided to completely abandon sugar.

No, she, of course, eats vegetables and fruits, but if it comes to something floury, chocolate covered with creamy glaze, she is adamant. But I really like desserts and every time I order another donut or another cake, I suggest my girlfriend eat a piece. Well, one time is possible. What will happen from once? Once is nonsense. "No thanks!" she replies with ease and indifference.

How could she, poor one, have a hard time refusing a delicious tiramisu, panacotta and brownie!

And you know what? Whether we like it or not, it is easy for her. Very easy.

And now answer the question (several questions): what is the point of spending time, effort and money in order not to get the desired result? Well, that is, of course, you will get something in the end, but this something will be very far from what was originally planned and planned. In other words, what is the point of wanting (and even trying) to start your own blog if you cannot organize yourself to write at least one post to the end? What is the point of wanting (and even trying) to reduce the cost of buying clothes, if you still place your order in an online store in two weeks anyway, the amount is two times higher than the limit you allow? What is the point of wanting (and even trying) to lose weight if after a couple of days of restrictions you start giving yourself concessions? What is the point of inventing the rules of the game and not following them. More precisely, follow, but not 100, but 99%?

Just one rule that will change your life

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Do you know that most unpleasant? These 99% take an incredible amount of strength and energy. They tire, but do not bring satisfaction. You try, but do not get the result. And it is dangerous. It is dangerous for self-esteem.

It’s just that at some point you can decide that you are a loser (and this is not so). The bottom line is that things that are truly important to you, which you feel can change your life for the better, deserve not 99% of the effort, but 100. Life is too short to do something "on the knee" .

A year ago, during the next conference, I heard a phrase that changed my approach to work. Although not.

I heard a phrase that turned out to change my approach to life. Ready? Here it is: "99% is difficult. 100% is easy." Everything ingenious, as usual, is very simple.

My sister is a staunch vegan.

Every day she follows a certain nutrition plan. Regularly and without glitches. My neighbor, the author of six best-selling books, writes every day. Regularly and without glitches.My friend, a comedian, publishes a new video every week on his YouTube channel.

Regularly and without glitches. No exceptions, no pauses, no interruptions, no “once you can”, no “but again from Monday,” no excuses and no explanations. It's complicated? Yes, it may be difficult at first, but now, for example, my sister knows exactly which products to buy and how to cook them. The writer’s neighbor writes every day, and not just when the ephemeral muse and ephemeral inspiration visit him. Friend-comedian is constantly mastering new skills, trying to try and improve, so that his subsequent videos are even more interesting and cooler than previous ones.

Just one rule that will change your life

If you work on something very important, and this is important it still doesn’t work out or it turns out, but not so, then it's time to cross the threshold. The threshold is one percent - from 99 to 100. And here's how to do it.

Are you writing? Take a picture? Or have you been thinking about finding a side job for a long time? Do you want to quit smoking, drink soda or chat with a person who is the only unrest in your life? Ideas about how to change something have long been in the air, but without finding practical expression, they are scattering like smoke after the tenth “last” cigarette? Ideas need action.

Yes, not everything that happens in your life requires the treasured 100% of the effort, but your heart knows exactly what exactly you should devote yourself to truly.

You do not need to go crazy and get involved in a million projects or exclude all the fun and pleasure from your life. Want a secret? Your 100% (what you want most right now) is just one thing. And you know which one.

Just one rule that will change your life

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Decide what is now every day (every day is everyone, not Monday through Friday) you will sit at the table and write small texts. Decide that from now on every day you will stand on the bar (at least 40 seconds). Decide that right now you will throw a pack of cigarettes in your pocket in the bin (you know: while you have it, all attempts are doomed to failure in advance). Decide that you will pour sweet soda into the sink, which is in the refrigerator and is waiting in the wings (the hour when your thoughts weaken). Decide that you will write the farewell message to that same "poisonous" person - enough is enough for you, and then you somehow without him (



Have you decided? Then for the case (besides cigarettes, sms and soda will take no more than ten seconds). But the main thing - do not look back.

My book was 100% mine - for two years I could not finish it. Of course, I wrote it, but not as productively as I would like; something always interfered, something distracted.I always had to choose whether to sit down at a book or go to a movie, sit down at a book or go shopping, sit down at a book or call a friend.

But after returning from that very conference I completed it in two months. When I went into 100% mode, I lost the need to choose. The choice was obvious: either write or die! It was not easy, but believe me, it is easier than thinking about it in the subway, on vacation, during breakfast (lunch and dinner) and even in a cafe with friends. That's it, now I can exhale and rest - it's done.

Just one rule that will change your life

True happiness lies in the pleasure of doing what develops us and helps us unleash our potential.

So the ideal consequence of the rule of 100% is to apply it not only to super important matters and dreams, but in principle to all current tasks. Only in this way will ideas become projects, and projects become reality. Only in this way does weak intention turn into a habit. This is the only way to achieve the goal.

The rule of 100% will save you from guilt and neurosis caused by (already unfashionable and unpopular) multitasking.

It will make you consistent, focused and conscious. First, one thing, then the second, then the third - step by step free the "mental space" for new ideas and desires. And you know, when you do something important at 100%, something completely unimportant (something that claimed your time and attention) will evaporate by itself.

Why do some people manage to do something really worthwhile in this life? Realize yourself and achieve success? Because they are completely dedicated to their work. They are 100% involved.

The person who issues the best seller for the best seller does not depend on mood and inspiration - he just sits down at the table every day and writes (and appetite, as you know, comes with eating). A person who wants to prepare for a marathon does not expect good weather - he puts on his sneakers and goes for a run.

This is obstinacy. This is the choice. This is freedom.

Just one rule that will change your life

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