Jumping out of the squat - detonate the quadriceps

This is a classic plyometric exercise, during which there is a powerful jump up from the squat. A so-called explosive load is created, that is, a quick effort is made in a short time period, which develops muscle strength and increases their volume.

Jumping can be done with a minimum level of training, but do not forget to strictly control the technique and monitor your own feelings. Additional equipment for exercise in most cases will not be required, unless you use weights.

Jumping out of the squat - detonate the quadriceps

What muscles work?

The main load falls on the quadriceps femoris muscle or, more simply, quadriceps.

Buttocks are also strengthened.

To a lesser extent jumps load back muscles and lower leg muscles. Additionally, the muscles of the press work, but not significantly.

The correct technique

If jumping from a squat is performed without weight:

  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and straighten your back. You can cross your arms in front of you at chest level.

  2. Squat is done on inhalation. Get down to parallel with the floor. You can go down a little lower, the main thing is to watch your feelings.
  3. On the exhale, it is necessary to make a powerful jump up, pushing off with full feet. Try to jump as high as possible, your hips should be as springy as possible.

  4. After your feet have completely touched the floor, go into the squat again. Repeat jumping out of the squat as much as necessary.

It is especially important to control the landing: try to stand on the floor with both legs at the same time. You should land on slightly bent legs (as soft as possible) and immediately go back to the next squat.

It is advisable to use soft and comfortable sports shoes designed for such training, ideally with a shock-absorbing sole that can effectively absorb shock.

The surface for classes is also better to choose, focusing on a softer surface (respectively, concrete or asphalt surface - not the most successful options).

We use weights

Some athletes use extra weight (for example, dumbbells) or complication in the form of jumping on an elevation. But in this option, the risk of joint injuries increases, with an unsuccessful landing, you can damage the ankle and stretch the ligaments.

Jumping out of the squat - detonate the quadriceps
If you plan to do squats with jumping with weights, we recommend using comfortable dumbbells for this purpose. In this case, the technique is adjusted:

  1. Dumbbells are best kept in straight hands pointing down.

    Squat is also done on inhalation, the back is straight.

  2. Push off the floor and jump as high as possible. The hands are still straight and down.
  3. Soft landing with going into a squat.


Squats with a jump are contraindicated if you have injuries to the joints (especially knees), problems with the back and spine.

The presence of cardiovascular diseases is also a signal that requires special care, and it is better to consult with specialists (doctor and trainer).

Also, overweight people should refrain from doing the exercise. In this case, an unacceptable compression load on the spine and knee joints may occur.

Benefits of the exercise and notes

An unconditional positive effect is the development of explosive muscle strength. Such training leads to a significant consumption of calories, so it can be used as fat burning.

It also contributes to the increase in working weight used for leg presses or barbell squats.

In a professional environment, plyometric exercises are used, for example, in the training of soccer players, basketball players and even bodybuilding.

Plyometric exercises also include:

  • push-ups with claps;
  • jumps using a jump rope;
  • jumping over obstacles and barriers, with legs tightened, etc.

Of course, do not forget about the light warm-up before starting the lesson. It should not be too intense, do not overdo it, otherwise you will quickly exhaust yourself by jumping.

If you perform this exercise as part of a complex aimed at training your legs, it is recommended to do it first.



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