Jumping fitness: 10 of the most fun and effective exercises in your life

Jumping fitness not only raises the mood and improves the psycho-emotional state, but also brings all the muscles to tone and tightens the body. Trainers from the trampoline center F3411. am13; Fly Maria Fedina and Vladislav Tron show the coolest and most effective exercises - although there are no others in jumping fitness.

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jumping fitness

and why absolutely everyone should try it, we already told, see the article here at this link.

What trains: leg muscles, deltoid muscles.

  1. Take the die in your right hand. Hands are extended to the sides. The back is straight. Push off from the trampoline.
  2. At the time of the flight, having reached the highest point, bend the left leg (angle at the knee 90 degrees) and touch its heel with a cube.

  3. Once touched, return the arm and leg to their original position. Do 10-20 times on each leg.
  4. Perform this and the following exercises in 1-3 approaches.
  5. Use weighting materials for arms and legs in all exercises. This will increase the load on the muscles, which means they will work out better.

What they train : anterior thigh, arm muscles, deltoid muscles.

  1. Stand straight, your back straight, spread your straight arms to the sides.
  2. Take one leg to the side, the other bend at the knee. Body weight is concentrated on the bent leg.
  3. Make springy movements with your bent leg - do not push off the trampoline.

    The foot does not rise, the heel is pressed to the surface. Do the exercise for 10-20 seconds on each leg.

Although this exercise can be done on the usual surface, on the trampoline, the load increases significantly and changes due to the instability of the support. Thanks to this, your muscles will work out better, which means that the effectiveness of the training will increase.

What they train: front of the thigh, quadriceps.

  1. Pick up the fitball and lift them up.
  2. Lunge with your foot forward. The knee is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, but do not bend the knee of the leg that is left behind. The back is straight.
  3. Do 10-20 reps on each leg.

What trains : press.

  1. Take a trampoline. The back is straight, legs are straight. The elbows are pressed to the body.
  2. Make circular motions with your hands to push off the trampoline.

    The abdominal muscles are tense.

  3. During the flight, alternately pull your knees to your chest. Do only 10-20 times.

What trains : quadriceps, calf muscles.

  1. Slightly tilt the case forward, bend your arms at your elbows.

    Round off your back.

  2. Start running on the spot, pushing the trampoline - do not push off. Raise your knees high. Do not lower your heels onto the trampoline.
  3. Do the exercise for 10-20 seconds.

What trains : calf muscles, arm muscles, latissimus dorsi, shoulder girdle.

  1. Stand straight with your back straight. Pick up a fitball, tilt the case forward - try to tilt it parallel to the floor.
  2. At the same time, take your left foot back. Both legs are straight.

    To complicate the exercise, you can slightly bend the supporting leg. The angle in the hip joint is 90 degrees.

  3. As soon as you lock in this position, begin to raise your hands with the fitball up and down. Do 10-20 reps on each leg.

What trains : press, inner thigh.

  1. Lie on your back, arms and legs straight. Pick up a fitball.
  2. Raise your arms and legs at the same time. Reliance on the lower back. Move the fitball from hand to foot, fix it well.

    Return to the opposite position, i.e. lie on your back. Then again raise your arms and legs and take the fitball in your hands. Do not bend in the lower back.

  3. Perform 10-20 repetitions.

What trains : muscles of the abdomen, legs, back and arms.

  1. Accept the position of lying down on straight arms. Arms shoulder-width apart, legs together. The body forms a straight line.

    Do not lower the pelvis.

  2. Push away from the trampoline and spread arms and legs wide during the jump. Then return them to their original position. Do 10-20 reps.

What trains : abs, gluteus muscles, leg muscles.

  1. Sit on a trampoline, the body is level, legs are straight. The elbows are bent.
  2. Push away from the trampoline and during the flight, spread your legs to the sides, raising the pelvis. Do it 10-20 times.

What trains : leg muscles.

  1. The back is straight. Keep your hands in front of you. The legs are wider than the shoulders. Lean on a full foot.
  2. Without rocking the body, begin to quickly press the trampoline with your feet - do not push off.

    Knee and toe look one way. Perform the exercise for 10-20 seconds.

Get a lot of impressions in At the same time, you can improve your figure in the

trampoline center Fli293. amp; Fly

. Qualified trainers will help each visitor to master any exercise and monitor its proper implementation in order to avoid injuries.

Jumping fitness: 10 of the most fun and effective exercises in your life

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