Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

A small child is not a reason to give up sports. The Challenger tells you how to choose the right sports stroller and continue to run or skate so that it is comfortable for you and safe for the crumbs.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

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This parameter directly depends not only comfort, but also the safety of your child. When jogging along uneven tracks (gravel, primer), the child will experience shaking and additional stress on the spine in a sitting position (which is why some sports strollers are allowed only for babies older than 8 months).

At the same time, a stroller with good cushioning is able to "smooth out" the roughness of the track.

If your child is mobile, active and sit in the stroller for a long time while awake not ready, probably you have to plan jogging during your baby’s daytime sleep. The greater the angle of inclination of the back of the stroller, the more comfortable the berth for the child will be. However, it should be borne in mind that manufacturers of sports strollers do not make the backrest angle equal to 180 degrees - so the stroller becomes unstable.

Great if the jogger has five-point seat belts; a hand brake that allows you to control the speed on the slopes; a safety strap that is worn on the arm of the parent and does not allow the stroller to roll away; wide wheel frame (adds stability to the stroller).

Here everything is simple: the larger the diameter of the wheels, the faster and easier it rolls jogging stroller (the average diameter of the rear wheels of sports strollers is 40 cm). In addition, large wheels turn the stroller into a real all-terrain vehicle: it will roll along the grass, and even on the sand. The wheels must be inflatable.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

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The big hood will help out in the hot summer day - protect the baby from the scorching sun - and in bad weather: the child will not be disturbed by rain or strong winds.

You may also need rain and mosquito capes.

If the handle of the stroller does not fit you in height, you will have to run with a hunched back . Therefore, when buying a stroller, you definitely need to pay attention to this parameter. Well, if the handle can be fixed in several positions - so the stroller will be able to fit the growth of both parents.

Some jogging strollers can also be used in other sports: for example, a stroller can turn into a bike trailer.

Sure, this will give you more freedom, but the cost of buying a multisport stroller may be higher - you have to buy the necessary accessories.

If you like to run not only in your area, you often go out of town or plan to participate in competitions, the compactness of the stroller will play an important role. The stroller should quickly fold and fit in the trunk of the car.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

The peculiarity of this


- lack of a pen. The stroller is attached directly to the belt, freeing the athlete's hands.

The running technique with such a stroller will be as close as possible to the conventional running technique without additional accessories. Athletes will also be pleased with the small weight of the stroller: only 8.6 kg.

The shortcomings, perhaps, include a not too smooth ride, the inconvenience of monitoring the state of the child - you have to turn around and watch what happens behind your back.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

Another stroller that allows you not to change your running technique much.

Yes, this accessory needs to be pushed in front of you, but there are movable handles - when you run, they move alternately forward and backward.

JogAlong Stroller

can be used both for running, and for hiking or cycling.

Along with extended use, this stroller received additional weight - it is 4 kg heavier than the previous model: 12.7 kg.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

Perhaps this stroller does not have such a bright design as the two previous models, and It doesn’t differ in technical innovations, but it copes with its tasks perfectly - it can be used both for jogging and for roller skating.

The weight of the BobRevolution Pro stroller is 12.8 kg, it has all the necessary safety systems (for example, five-point belts, a hand brake), as well as a transparent insert in the hood through which you can watch the baby.

Jogging with a child: how to choose the best sports stroller

Another all-terrain vehicle with which you can run on the sidewalk in the park and on the dirt road outside the city . The weight of this stroller is 11.4 kg, an additional advantage - it can be easily folded with one hand and when folded takes up little space, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

The Thule Glide 2 handle can be adjusted in height to fit your height. Another plus is a large selection of various branded accessories.

Alexandra Ryazanskaya

is fond of running, master of sports in figure skating

When the child was 8 months old, we realized that we wanted to play sports with the whole family. We began to consider the option of jogging with a regular stroller, but it became clear that a special stroller can not do. So we got an all-terrain vehicle with large inflatable wheels - approximately, like a children's bike.

With the BobRevolution Pro stroller, we ran 12 km a day through the parks and promenades, sometimes we combined running and rollerblading. We drove out of town and ran along roads covered with gravel - even in such conditions it was easy to roll a wheelchair.

During jogging, the child must be firmly fixed with seat belts. Once I rode on skates on a slope, could not resist, fell, the stroller tipped, but did not roll over, the child did not fall out, as it was securely fastened.

Of course, a stroller is not a sport for a baby, it’s a minus (but a child aged 1-2 years old is not yet able to independently travel long distances).

Then we managed to achieve that we began to spend time together, but you can interest the child in sports a little later - when he grows up a little.



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