Jabra Elite Sport Headphones: The Challenger Edition Test

Wireless headphones - an indispensable accessory for everyone who leads an active lifestyle. Anya Borisova, commercial director of The Challenger, tested the new Jabra Elite Sport model - and here is her review.

I had serious doubts that the device from Jabra Elite Sport would not fall out of my ears during my active doing sports. I went for a TRX training as well as a run to test the headphones.

It turned out that the device is firmly fixed in the ear.

The thing is that complete with headphones there is a set of special pads of different sizes, among them there were also those that ideally fit me. During sports, I never had to adjust the position of the headphones - I did not think about them at all and completely immersed myself in training.

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones: The Challenger Edition Test

Thanks to the tight fixation, the Jabra Elite Sport headphones reproduce music with maximum quality. They use four-microphone technology - the sound is great! I managed to test the gadget both during training and on the plane - no background noise, only me, sky, thoughts and music.

By the way, with the help of this device it’s nice not only to listen to the tracks, but also to communicate with the interlocutor wirelessly.

Bonus: Microphones built into the headphones eliminate background noise, ensuring that the other party hears you without distortion or interference.

Some sports, such as running on the street, require environmental control. For this case, the Jabra Elite Sport headphones have the HearThrough function: at the touch of a button you can "turn on" the penetration of surrounding sounds and find out what is happening outside - what if the car signals you?

Like all wireless devices, the Jabra Elite Sport headphones cannot work forever without additional battery power. But on the day of productive work, they are enough.

As long as possible without recharging, these headphones last up to 13.

5 hours. Talking or listening to music means less: the battery lasts 4.5 hours. If this is not enough for you, there is a way to increase the duration of the device’s active work: periodically place it in a portable charging case. Thanks to this, the operating time in the mode of talking or listening to music doubles: up to 9 hours.

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones: The Challenger Edition Test

For those who lead a healthy lifestyle, Jabra Elite Sport headphones provide additional features. For example, you can install the Jabra Sport Life application on your smartphone, which will track your workouts and give useful recommendations. During running, the application reads your speed, draws a trajectory, advises when you need to accelerate or, conversely, relax.

Using the headphones and the Jabra Sport Life app, you can track your heart rate.Based on the data received from the in-ear heart rate monitor, the application builds graphs.

Then it is very interesting to analyze which exercises during training give an insufficient load, and which require replacement or complication.

Jabra Elite Sport - good headphones, which are nice to listen to music and talk wirelessly. Headphones Jabra Elite Sport will be useful for experienced athletes and amateurs who plan to improve physical fitness.



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