It's simple: the recipe for delicious carbonara from Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress has compiled the simplest and most delicious recipes for dishes, for the preparation of which you will not need either special skills or exotic products - everything is extremely simple and satisfying. Simple and satisfying, as, for example, this carbonara recipe is, by the way, one of the favorite dishes of actress children. Gwyneth herself says this: “Carbonara is an ideal option for a lazy dinner or lunch. Homemade, cozy and incredibly easy to prepare a dish, the ingredients for which are almost always at hand.” You can’t argue with this - if you have spaghetti, bacon, eggs and hard cheese (or better, of course, that it was parmesan), then you have absolutely everything in order to cook an incredibly tasty pasta, which you can drive crazy even the most fastidious household.

Gwyneth’s recipe can be safely called the classic version of carbonara - there are no unexpected ingredients and unusual spices in it, but if you have never cooked this pasta yourself before, then it’s worth starting with the classics.



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