“It’s scary when we can save, but we don’t have time.” How to become a member of “Lisa Alert” and help search for missing people

- We work with the police and the Ministry of Emergencies, and they really help. But this help is unsystematic: it cannot be said that the Ministry of Emergencies helps like this and that. Somewhere, they really help out, and somewhere we exist in parallel realities. It all depends on the people who are in the field. Somewhere, the police go with us to the forest and bring a track of 70 kilometers, but somewhere we can’t find it.

I would like a systemic interaction, and we are working on it. In the Moscow region and some regions, the process is established, agreements are signed, processes are built. But somewhere this is not, and you have to rely only on your own strengths.

Liza Alert detachment is in 46 regions of Russia. In addition, there are units within the regions, especially where there are large territories and complex transport links between the center of the region and other cities (for example, on the Yamal Peninsula).

There are detachments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk regions, in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, in the Voronezh, Tambov Regions, Perm, Chuvashia, Yamal, Khanty-Mansiysk and Buryatia. Recently, detachments were formed in the Chechen Republic, Dagestan and the Crimea. The detachment usually appears by the forces of the local population, often after some resonant search. We provide training and organize a response system, the same as in other areas.

Our task is to ensure that in any region the quality of the search and its algorithms are the same and meet common standards.

Lisa Alert has no current accounts and electronic wallets, we do not accept help in the form of money. Our search equipment includes SUVs, drones, navigators, compasses, lights, walkie-talkies plus consumables: batteries, batteries, paint and printer paper, and adhesive tape. We buy a lot of this for ourselves. But, for example, in the spring Amuleks national legal service gave us eight UAZ-Patriot cars in the spring, and also issued free legal advice insurance for regular search participants.

The Kalashnikov Concern provides information support and, together with us, makes videos and other safety materials. He also gave us six motorcycles for search work. Utair and Rusline deliver our search engines for training and to the place of search and rescue operations free of charge. The companies Paralellc, Acronis and Virtuozo presented us with equipment, navigators and laptops for one million rubles. "Sherp" handed us an all-terrain vehicle for free use.

Beeline provides our hotline and SMS alerts about searches, and also creates “islands of security” where lost people can receive expert help (Sberbank did the same for children). The Beeline and Megafon companies issued us SIM cards for search engines that constantly use phones for search work. In addition, representatives of regional small businesses help us: dozens of printing houses in different cities are ready to print our orientation and educational materials for working with children, equipment stores give our children clothes, local car shops - spare tires, and so on. Very often give equipment, paper, batteries to individuals - those who want to help, but can not participate in the search.

- For me, the most unpleasant thing in the search is the indifferent attitude of relatives.

The attitude can be different, and when good is understandable, when bad is also. But when people lost their mother or grandmother, and they continue to drink and cannot even plainly answer where she went, this is probably the most difficult.

“It’s scary when we can save, but we don’t have time.” How to become a member of “Lisa Alert” and help search for missing people

Photo: from the Lisa Alert archive



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