“It's fun and cool”: GirlPower Women's Football School and adidas organize soccer training for girls

- GirlPower was invented as a project, including for little girls. We realized that girls do not play football, because their parents do not give them there. Sometimes they do not directly allow, but more often they simply do not offer. That is, the girl does not have such an option, she simply does not know that she can go play football. We wanted to change the psychology of parents, to show that women's football is fun.

For five years, GirlPower has grown into a large project, we have resources and opportunities, we are supported by large companies, the main of which is adidas. For three seasons we have been launching the adidas x GirlPower football uniform. And finally, we have grown to such a size that we can do free training for girls. This is a very resource-intensive project - you need to rent a field, pay for the work of trainers, administrators and much more. But thanks to the support of the partner, we did what we had long dreamed of.

We are supported by many celebrities: Nadia Karpova, Masha Komandnaya, Anna Sidorova, Erica Lundmoen, Ekaterina Selezneva, Monetochka, Alla Mikheeva. Even Didier Drogba (even though he is not a girl). They know how important it is to give girls the opportunity to diversify and realize their dreams.



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