It will be possible to exchange plastic bags for an eco bag at Delivery Fest

At the gastronomic festival

Delivery Fest

a special collection point for plastic bags will be organized. The movement "

Separate collection

" will help organize the eco-action. At the collection point for "bags with bags", festival guests can get rid of stocks accumulated at home and get a durable canvas shopper in return. To do this, bring to the festival a package with at least ten packages inside. Bags should be clean and dry.

Alexey Belousov

Head of External Communications Delivery Club

- Package with packages - an attribute of almost every Russian apartment, a “hero” of jokes and memes. A package with packages is easy to accumulate, but getting rid of it is much more difficult. We decided to help these guests of the festival and organized a special collection point. And so that after the festival you do not begin to save up new packages with packages, we will give all environmentally friendly guests convenient shoppers.

It will be possible to exchange plastic bags for an eco bag at Delivery Fest

Photo: Delivery Club

Previously, a special filter appeared in the Delivery Club application, which allows you to refuse plastic devices when ordering food.

Delivery Fest will be held in Moscow on August 24. Festival guests will be able to taste more than five hundred national dishes from ten countries of the world. During the festival, a lecture will be organized on the present and future of food, as well as a variety of activities for children and adults. The Delivery Fest headliner will be John Newman.



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