Is vaccination true for health

Vaccines are live , that is, they contain a live attenuated virus that cannot cause disease in people with a healthy immune system. Weakness and temperature after vaccination is just a possible reaction to the vaccine itself, and this does not mean that you are sick, it is a post-vaccination reaction. Well, it is really possible to get sick in parallel with vaccination, but these can be independent events. From a live vaccine it is purely theoretically possible to get sick if, for example, there is a violation of the immune system. Accordingly, in immunocompromised patients, such vaccination is contraindicated.

The most popular live vaccine examples are MMR (measles - rubella - mumps), as well as the chickenpox vaccine.

Inactivated vaccines and subunit vaccines contain inactivated (neutralized) virus or part of the virus or bacteria. They cannot cause the disease, but revaccination and revaccination are usually required. It should be remembered that adverse reactions and post-vaccination complications can still occur. Inactivated and subunit vaccines are made to prevent influenza and hepatitis.

Toxoid vaccine (toxoid) - inactivated (weakened) toxin, which allows for the production of antibodies to the source toxin. An example is DTP (adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine). Now more often vaccines are divided into living and inactivated - so, apparently, it is easier.



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