Is it true that nerve cells do not recover

- Despite the fact that nerve cells (they are neurons) are the main, but not the only cells of the human nervous system, they generate and conduct signals that enter the brain. Their job is to process information, respond to everything around and decide how we will perceive what is happening. This is a large and voluminous work of the nervous system and it is accomplished due to neurons.

Nerve cells are very complex and require certain conditions. However, they are not inclined to die just like that - "out of the blue.

" Most neurons live as long as a person lives.

It is generally accepted that nerve cells die when a person experiences household stress and emotional experiences. The picture, which is drawn by illiterate marketing (while you are nervous, millions of your nerve cells die) , this does not work. Stress, experiences - this is one of the modes of the nervous system. Yes, maybe he is not the most comfortable, but certainly not a disaster.

One of the functions of the nervous system is to serve the body, which must be saved from unpleasant situations. Such a regime for a person is subjectively unpleasant, but the cells, in fact, do not care. If the stress does not stop and lasts for weeks and months, this can deplete the body’s margin of safety, but it’s rather difficult to bring nerve cells to death, we’ll get other health problems.

"Nerve cells die due to stress" - this is just an advertising slogan that has no evidence base and is, among other things, a monstrous lie. Nerve cells are perceived as firewood, which “drowns” human experiences and which as a result die due to this.

But this is not so - we are born with them and die with them.



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