Is it possible to run in the cold

The other day, in many cities of Russia, the temperature dropped sharply below minus ten degrees. All runners on the street asked one single question: "Do I go out to train?" You will find the answer in this material.

Alexey Korobov

international master of sports of Russia in athletics, coach at the Academy marathon run

- Up to minus 15 degrees you can run freely on the street. I do not recommend running enthusiasts to lower temperatures - you can breathe in cold air. Even special masks and bandages may not save - they freeze and begin to cool even more air entering the lungs.

In the best case, you will have a sore throat; in the worst, you will get pneumonia. Moreover, in the cold you need to wear more layers of clothing, which means that a person will sweat more. This can lead to hypothermia, you risk freezing cold. Therefore, I advise you to transfer the training to the arena. If the arena is not nearby, cancel the lesson - it is better to skip one than to be sick for two weeks and disrupt the entire training process.

It is necessary to take into account the climate - where it is dry, for example in Siberia, you can run there at minus 20. In Moscow, humidity is higher - ours minus 15 degrees are equal to Siberian minus 20.

If you are going to run to minus 15, do not forget to dress correctly, be sure to wear a hat. Drinking while jogging is also possible, but only if there is a special thermoflask that keeps the liquid at a comfortable temperature for drinking. In addition, you can apply a warming ointment, for example Nikoflex, to the knees and lower back.

Anna Kosova

blogger, marathon runner and ultramarathon runner

- You need to come to run in the cold gradually, that is, run at plus five degrees, zero, minus ten. So the body will gradually get used to minus 20. And not that you missed all autumn and decided to go to minus 20. Start at short distances, adequately assess your condition and immunity. If you usually run ten kilometers, in the cold it is better to run no more than five.

Of course, remember that the humidity in Moscow is high - you won’t be able to run fast. Anyway, in the cold you do not have to run fast - there is a playpen for this.

Wisely approach equipment - this is the main thing. Protect the throat: wear a buff, a long collar - for non-accustomed people, the throat often begins to hurt, and many have watery eyes. Ligaments react most dangerous to cold, their elasticity decreases and the probability of injuries increases.

Therefore, more accurately stretch after running, it is better to warm the body first.

Well, of course, you need to understand why this is for you. I run in any weather - I’m used to it and I know that I can. In addition, I am preparing for competitions, I need volume. If there is no urgent need for training, you can not run.

And one more thing - I like to run in the cold, these are indescribable sensations in the body and head.

If you have been practicing for more than a year, have run more than one half marathon and even a marathon, you know your body and body "from and to", you have your personal trainer, you can train in the cold. If you are a simple amateur runner and running for you is nothing more than a hobby or meditation, we advise you not to go out today to run new kilometers.



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