Is it possible to pump up push-ups - analysis of exercise

Is it possible to pump up push-ups? We omit the philosophy, reasoning couch fighters and just theorists. Instead, let’s take a few practical recommendations on how to pump up muscles with push-ups in a short time. And then there will be a real story from the life of a person whom I knew.

Is it possible to pump up push-ups - analysis of exercise

What is effective and what is not in push-ups

Due to the implementation push-ups can develop pectoral muscles, shoulders and triceps. Also, some core muscles get some training.

We will analyze effective and ineffective ways to pump up push-ups.

Weights: necessary or not

The scheme of push-ups from the floor for muscle growth should include weight training. Without it, growth will be minimal and only at the initial stage (muscles quickly adapt to work with their weight).

In general, push-ups on the mass are best done on the uneven bars, using weights of 20-30% of their weight. But the bars are not accessible to everyone and not always.

If we are talking about classical push-ups from the floor to the mass, then they can also be done with weights. You can use a special vest, backpack (the main thing is to firmly fix it on the upper back) or train with a partner, a child, a girl. You should not just plant them on the lower back - this is an extra load on the spine.

If you are alone, and there is no way even to put a cat on your back, the mass will not grow. It remains to engage in pumping triceps and chest for endurance - while also increasing the relief.

If you are aimed precisely at this result - you should push up without burdening the maximum number of times.

Speed ​​of movements

Fast execution of push-ups, even to failure, even without it, will not give a special effect. This is just pumping. Do the exercise slowly. It is the slow push-up that will make your muscles work at full strength.

You get tired faster, you can eventually do fewer repetitions. But the final result will be better.

Training protocol

Each time, record the results of how much you wrung out and how. If training, for example, every other day - after 2 weeks you will forget how much you did push-ups on the first day. And so you will have a convenient plate in which the push-up program is indicated.

You may find this a waste of time. But believe me, the training diary is always useful. Even if it’s just paper or a table in your gadget, you should never look at it, but you need it. This is, first of all, discipline and order in your studies.

Different types of push-ups and their effect

The distribution of load on the muscles depends on the position of the palms on the floor (or on the surface of the support).

Our muscular system rarely provides for the tension of any one muscle. All complex movements are performed due to the cooperation (expressed in the form of synergy and antagonism) of several muscles. For example, to turn the key in the lock, not the only muscle of the forearm is tensed.

  • Put your palms with your fingers forward - you will swing the triceps, provided that the elbows are pressed to the torso.
  • Extend your elbows to the sides, keeping the orientation of the palms - now you train the triceps and chest (the widest ones in this situation also strain, but slightly, acting as antagonists for the pectoral muscles).

  • If you can turn your fingers back and press your elbows to the body - the load will be distributed between the shoulders and triceps.
  • If you spread your arms wide, turn your palms inward and do push-ups, then you load the chest as much as possible (its inner part is especially loaded). The chest works in all cases, but you can use it less or more due to different position of the hands. It is impossible to completely disable any muscles that work during push-ups.
  • Do you want to put your shoulders and make the exercise more difficult - put your feet on a support and push upside down.

If you step on your fists and do push-ups from this position, you create an additional load. The magic is simple - the path from chest to floor increases. That is, you can sink deeper: while the muscles are stretched more, the amplitude of movement becomes larger. And, to go up from the bottom point, you need to use more force than when pushing up on the palms.

For the same purpose, push-up stops are used.

They, in addition, also spin. Thus, you will also strain the stabilizers of the forearm.

What else will help you pump up

If you think that push-ups alone you will build yourself a beautiful body - you, unfortunately, are mistaken.

Push-ups from the floor can develop, first of all, chest, triceps. The shoulders partially work, the forearms, wrists, and core muscles are involved.

But you can only feel growth in relation to those muscles that have the main load. Pump triceps - yes. Chest - yes too. Shoulders - and even they can be inflated in this way, however, only the front bundles.

But what about the legs, biceps, back? They will not change.

To pump up - you need to train the whole body. Especially the legs. Without leg training, you will not be actively gaining mass.

The principle here is simple - the heaviest load is usually given to the legs, due to which more anabolic hormones are produced. As a result, total muscle mass grows faster.

Nutrition and sleep

Muscles can be pumped up provided that the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates is ingested. There is not enough nutrition - there is no increase in mass.

In addition, it is necessary that everything eaten is well absorbed. For this, nutrition should be fractional and frequent. If you eat twice a day, and arrange the main meal before bedtime, hoping for a set of muscle mass is ridiculous.

As for sleep, it is no secret that the body needs to rest a certain number of hours per day. In a dream, all recovery processes occur, including in mice. Without this, their growth is impossible. Lacking sleep, you will quickly get overtrained.

Bottom line - to gain muscle mass, you need a complex consisting of nutrition, sleep and training.

Then you can develop your body with push-ups from the floor. How to pump up if at least one of these components is insufficient? Alas, nothing.

Progress of the pectoral muscles: an example from life

The person I cited as an example, doing just from boredom, was able to pump up the pectoral muscles to some extent. I must say that before training they were not visible at all. The chest of asthenic constitution was flat, like an ironing board.

Training at the hospital

A person was hospitalized due to inflammation of the digestive tract.

The first couple of days he came to himself after lingering abdominal pains. As soon as his condition improved, he was bored just lying and doing nothing. Oh yes, we're talking about a guy 17 years old.

The patient was lying alone in the ward.

Beds in hospitals you know which ones. No, not in modern private wards, where a long time ago everything was done according to other drawings. An ordinary bed with a removable handle.

From boredom and already good, at that time, well-being, a person decided to train - in hospital conditions it was possible to swing the press and push up. He began to push up from the floor.

First results

When the usual push-ups began to bore (by the way, from 8 push-ups at a time, during the month spent in the hospital, he reached 50), a new element was included in the training - push-ups temples of a bed.

And the last stage of training - he moved the beds together and used their arches as bars. After a month of such a training, his pectoral muscles began to stand out noticeably. They were small but noticeable. This was enough for friends and relatives to notice the changes.

Triceps also became more decorated and embossed.

Classes had side effects - periodic training caused repeated exacerbation of pain. Therefore, doctors prolonged inpatient treatment. But each time the pain subsided faster and faster. When the body adapted to the load, the pain completely disappeared.

To doctors, no one talked about this practice. Otherwise, the "athlete" would quickly be discharged from the free "gym".

Here is a story such as using your own body and even hospital food, you can change yourself. Of course, I do not recommend such experiments to anyone. This is just an example of what happens in life.

Watch your diet, give your muscles a good load, be healthy and strong!



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