Is it possible to prepare for a half marathon in 7 weeks: editorial experience

However, he receives them. With each new lesson the power load becomes more serious, the runs are longer, but, to my surprise, I understand that I am able to fulfill the requirements of the coach. Of course, I did not suddenly become much better and faster than other girls (still my place is in the second half of our impromptu running column), but what I understand for sure is that I have become stronger and stronger than before. It has become easier for me to run long runs, for example, I did not approach hourly runs before. Now run an hour and a half along the promenade - "good, coach.

" By the way, since childhood, I got used to the fact that a teacher in sports is, in general, a super-rigid person. My coach in sports ballroom dancing was a woman with a very difficult character, she chided us every now and then in competitions between performances, and I watched with envy how other coaches encouraged couples or straightened out strands of hair from girls at that time.

And at first it didn’t fit in my head how our coach Sergei Belyakov could be so tactful and sensitive. It never happened that he shouted at someone, patiently explains what we are doing wrong, why and why we need to do it differently and how all this will later affect our result. Then I had a breakdown of the stereotype that only a “tyrant coach” can lead you to progress, for which I would like to say thanks to Sergey.



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